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Private Members Bill to Repeal Dog Owner’s Liability Act

Potential good news from the DLCC. Come join the DLCC and other caring dog owners of Ontario on Wednesday, November 18th, at Queens Park at about 9:30 am. We’ll be there, and if you want to come along with us, let me know.

Private Members Bill to Repeal the BAN !

Cheri Di Novo’s office (MPP for Parkdale).

Cheri is going to put forth, a Private Member’s Bill forward to repeal the
Breed Specific part of the Dog Owner’s Liability Act between 10am and 11:30
am in front of Queens Park on November 18th.
As a responsible dog owner, she understands that this law must be repealed,
innocent dogs are dying .

The DLCC feels it is vital that we become more public in our demands for
justice. Dog owners that happen to own mixed or banned breeds are being
treated as criminals, or at best, second class citizens under this law.


We need bodies at this event, the media will be there ,probably thinking
there will be few present.Let’s show them that dog owners are barking mad
about this travesty.


DLCC members are already seeking permits to hold a gathering.We are asking
that ALL dog owners join together in solidarity and support Ms.Di Novo in
her efforts.

Queens Park at about 9:30 am

For people’s reference a copy of the proposed bill can be obtained by
contacting me at lor@nf.sympatico.ca OR

We will probably need 2 to 3 speakers ( Fran has a megaphone) .Who will
speak can be discussed and agreed upon over the next week or so.

If you would like to speak, then contact Fran at francoughlin@rogers.com.

If you cannot be there,please forward your feelings of support to repeal the
ban to :

Carl Smith smithcc@ndp.on.ca

Charles Smith
Executive Assistant
Cheri DiNovo MPP
Parkdale High Park
Tel: (416) 325-0244
Fax: (416) 325-0305

4 replies
  1. Scott
    Scott says:

    I cannot support this as it does not address the issue of the targeted dog. all this does is rewind time bringing us back to 05′ where every Idiot in the world can have a pit bull….. Just watch and see the number of Dog bites increase. Mark my words this is a mistake. BSL isn’t the answer i know that, ownership responsibility is much harder to enforce especially when so many arent responsible people. The Targeted dogs of BSL were targeted for a reason. Genetically prone to bite, and the Genetic equipment to make sure its a good one. Give your head a shake

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Just watch and see the number of Dog bites increase.

      Actually, Scott, if we were to ‘rewind time’ back to ’05, the number of dog bites would DECREASE. Bites have gone UP since Ontario’s idiotic laws went into place. The only other thing that’s increased as significantly as bites has been the number of innocent dogs and puppies put to death for no reason.

      The ‘targeted dogs’ of BSL aren’t even a coherent dog breed – they’re a mish mash of cross breeds and unidentified dogs, targeted mainly because they have smooth, short hair coats and blocky heads. They’re about as ‘genetically’ prone to bite as your gramma is.

      As for giving your head a shake, I’d suggest YOU do so, but then all the rocks would fall out, and what would you have left for ballast?

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