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ProPac Gets in Bed with Puppy Mills

Pet food companies have always been eager to get into bed with breeders – after all, we are (rightly or wrongly) considered ‘experts’ on what to feed our own breeds, and our puppy buyers open up an entire new market to the pet food manufacturer that they would otherwise have to compete for. Major manufacturers offer dog breeders a raft of things to encourage their business – frequent buyer points, bulk discounts, team jackets and sometimes even dog show sponsorship.

I have to wonder, however, at any pet food manufacturer that seems to be going out of their way to court the USDA/Puppy mill auction selling breeders – who else are you courting when you host seminars on ‘breeding better bulldogs’ right on the auction site itself?


SPECIAL NOTICE: We will be hosting a Bulldog educational seminar on Friday night at 6:00 pm after the sale. The topic is “How to be a successful Bulldog Kennel.” The subjects are, implanting, cesarean sections, progesterone testing, how to use a Draminski ovulation detector, what to look for & look out for in English & French Bulldogs. The guest speaker in Dr. Samuel L. Harkey D.V.M. of All About Pets Veterinary Clinic..

Seminar & Meal sponsored by Pro Pac Dog Food Co. “Dinner is Free” R.S.V.P.

Wow, they’re even throwing in dinner. That’s pretty generous of Pro Pac, isn’t it?

Now, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe Pro Pac is proud to be the official dog food of puppy mill auctions (that would make a nice ad campaign, wouldn’t it?). I can’t help but suspect that they didn’t want their new ‘premium, holistic’ food, Earthborn, to be known as the food that sponsors puppy mill seminars. Again, maybe I’m wrong.

I guess the best thing to do would be to write to Pro Pac and ask them if they can explain it all a bit better. I did already, but so far no response.

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  1. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    Will pass it along too.

    A few years ago myself and several others were scammed by a puppy miller. He had wiggled his way into the local club, had people over to his home to see his two show dogs, helped out at shows, finished a few dogs etc… all the while at his parents house in another county he had wall to wall production cages full of bitches and puppies that he brokered under several different names.

    I’d met him at shows, he had great references, he signed all the contracts and he bred to soe big name dogs of the time including mine.

    He had a business partner who did the same in another state. SHE bought some decently bred puppies using the same process.

    Two years ago we tried to buy a bitch out of my dog from this situation at auction, we were outbid, she sold for over 5000.00 US.

    They sold out of the dogs, we looked into suing but even tracking the bastard down was a frustrating endeavor.

    So, I check the catalogs every auction Southwest has. No one has shown up since but with over 100 EBs in this one I would not be surprised.


  2. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    I encourage each and everyone of you to join Pet-Law (pet-law.com) and educate yourself on being a breeder today.
    Folks, we are all puppymills in the eyes of the H$U$ and Peta. There are no “good breeders”. Truth of the matter, ther is no legal term for Puppymill. It has simply become a blanket statement that is applied to anyone that another individual or group does not like.
    There are states that require Ag licensing some even require to be USDA. All this, even if you breed so much as one litter or sell a single puppy. Being legal and following the laws, being inspected, and following the rules should not classify an individual as a “puppymill”. It should simply classify them as abiding by the laws. And did you know that many of these licensing rules are passed by people who want too end your ability to breed dogs at all? To own the breed you want? Forcing many breeders to use raised pens and sterile (non homey) environments. The same groups that turn around and point at these places and say “look how they house their dogs”.
    The animal rights group has done a very good job at driving the wedge between different classifications of breeders. We have been brain washed into thinking “less is better” where in fact, we are creating a market for irresponsible breeding. There is a need and a demand for commercial breeders. There will always be individuals that wants something cheaper faster. When it comes to dogs and cats we have been programmed to believe this is “morally wrong”. I find it ironic that the same individuals who scream the loudest have no problem shopping at the local wal-mart and purchasing items manufactured via child slavery in foreign countries.
    I love my dogs. I have standards that I set for myself for me to meet. However dogs are not people and they are not people in fur coats. If you want to have the right to choose to spay/neuter, to dock/crop, to breed a pure breed, to have the dog live in the house, to euthanize the old and infirm, then you will need to respect the rights of those who make choices for their own dogs, their breeding and housing, and whom they sell too.
    We do not need to agree with each other as dog breeders. However we do need to work together. Respect each other’s choices and protect each other’s right to breed how we choose. Because the ultimate goal of these AR groups is to end dog breeding period. They don’t care about your fancy ribbons, your pretty trophies, your beautiful champions…
    Do not listen to the lie any more. While we show breeders/exhibitors may be lower on the list, we are on the list. And when we alienate other breeders and toss them to the jackles to be torn apart there will be no one to stand by our sides to weild a big stick and beat them back when they come for us. And they will come for us. Mark my words, they will come for us.

  3. CJ
    CJ says:

    I applyed you Adrienne. All that you have said is true. The Breeders, had better wake up and smell the trash. Just because someone has a kennel of dogs , does not make them a Puppy****.
    These bills are aimed at all dog breeders. Even us show ones that think we are above reproach.

  4. Cletus Residence
    Cletus Residence says:

    Here is a dog food group offering free education to commercial dog breeders. Show breeders are up in arms at such a cheap trick and such blatant support of commercial breeders. It makes me want to bang my head on the wall, this assumption that anyone actually selling dogs for a profit must be evil, evil, evil. This is just another example of HSUS and PETA trying to drive breeders apart. Visit commercial kennels. Talk with commercial dog breeders, knowledge is power. And it wouldn’t hurt for some of the less well informed show breeders to take advantage of that free education…

    Cletus Residence’s last blog post..Once a wonk, always a wonk…

  5. Emily~ DreamEyce
    Emily~ DreamEyce says:

    I wish they weren’t focusing on commercial breeders, and were doing in general breeder education. IMO like a couple other commenters, I’m ALL FOR breeder education being supported by dog food companies, and other perks for dog breeders. I think it’s wonderful, awesome, and will support a dog food company for this LONG before I’ll support them if they were to say, donate to HSUS, or PETA.

    I’ll be writing them a letter asking them to look into supporting education through non-commercial events, shows, and such, or even through breed clubs. I know many breed clubs host, and welcome seminars which can be open to the public, and benefit all breeds. Many all-breed clubs welcome the same. A great responsible way to help breeders, and promote breeder education without getting into bed with commercial breeders.

    The comments on all breeders being the same, I can’t see going there. Even though I’m not a dog breeder myself (yet- I’m young and have no breeding quality dog(s), but it could be in my future), I don’t want to be associated with the commercial breeders, and wish to always remain a known differing interest. While HSUS, and PETA sees us all as the same there’s more to legislation than them, I’m a firm believer that public education on differences is more important, than supporting commercial breeders. I’m also big on showing the public what frauds HSUS, and PETA are, and working to discredit them, by showing the fraud they commit.

    IMO by supporting the ‘bad’ commercial kennels, we’re only making responsible breeders look bad, and giving HSUS, and PETA more ammo in their legislative anti-breeder workings. JMO/observations of course. I’m just a firm believer we need to keep that blatant line between commercial, and responsible hobby breeders in the public eye, and not try to hold the opinions all breeders are equal.

    Emily~ DreamEyce’s last blog post..A little gift, for a new friend

  6. Cletus Residence
    Cletus Residence says:

    Emily, you are free to dream, but in a few years, you will not be free to breed dogs. The show breeders are just not a big enough or interested enough group to fight the legislation being proposed by the animal activist groups like PETA and HSUS. The commercial breeders are in the trenches fighting for their lives – or, in this case, livelihoods.

    Cletus Residence’s last blog post..Once a wonk, always a wonk…

  7. sandi
    sandi says:

    I am not opposed to responsible ethical breeders. I do not breedI have been a shelter volunteer for close to 18 years,and wtih several pure breed rescues.

    But, if Pro Pac is involved with large puppy mills, I am disgusted, in fact, I will no longer feed pro pac to my four dogs and rescued dachshunds. Nor will I purchase said for several shelters.

    SOO, we rescue many breeds from puppy mills, many with disorders, genetic problems and illnessess. Once again I am addressing PUPPY MLLS.

    Sandi Ruscetta
    Shelter Volunteer
    Dachshund and Dobie Rescues

  8. sandi ruscetta
    sandi ruscetta says:

    WEll, then, reputable breeders should insist that Puppy Mill dogs not be registered with the AKC.

    The AKC is just as culpable

    Sandi Ruscetta
    Dachshund Rescue
    volunteer to two rescues

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      WEll, then, reputable breeders should insist that Puppy Mill dogs not be registered with the AKC.

      Since when has the AKC started listening to what reputable breeders have to say? We’re not where they make their money – we’re a drop in the bucket, compared to the big volume breeders. AKC is doing everything in their power to court them, not discourage them.

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