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Recognize the dog? That’s Linus, star of Just Married, Second Hand Lions, Bringing Down the House and the Shaggy Dog. OK, maybe he wasn’t technically the star, but he was pretty much the only reason most of us bothered to watch those movies.

How about it — do you know of any movies with French Bulldogs in it that are missing from my list? How about books? Cartoons? Anything?

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  1. Vivianne
    Vivianne says:

    Do you know this cartoon that features a frenchie? It’s called Fortune Dogs. It’s supposed to be about a Frenchie that is adopted by a girl but then he gets lost and goes on a journey to find her, together with other puppies.

    I can’t find it in English on youtube, but I found a spanish version of the opening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdD3tXbVRbA

    I’ve never actually watched the cartoon, but I came across these videos the other day and I thought it was so cute! The frenchie is the star, so it’s one of those things we watch because it’s so damn cute. 🙂

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  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    That’s cute, I’d never seen that. One other frenchie comes to mind. Remember Dave ? from Loblaws and his frenchie Georgie Girl? She was always in his commercials.

  3. maggie
    maggie says:

    I think at the beginning of ‘Armageddon’ there’s a Frenchie riding in the basket of a bicycle.. Too cute! Just not sure if that’s the title of the movie.. there were a bunch of “OMG the sky is falling” movies that came out around the same time.

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