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So much for syrup

I woke up this morning with a very clear agenda – take Bunny to the vet for progesterone testing, bring her home, then head back down the road to the Holstein MapleFest. Mother nature, however, had other plans in mind, and this is what I woke up to –


I spent most of last week wearing a sweater, and today I had to break out the ice scraper and the winter boots just for a 20 minute drive to the vet’s office. Florida looks better every day, I swear. Sailor was curled up on the heated dog bed in front of the window, and the pathetic look she gave me when I told her she had to get her lazy butt up out of bed so she could go outside for a pee was almost heart breaking.

Sailor hates the snow

Yesterday I caught up with little Heart of Gold, and took some new photos of her. She’s going through her gawky teenage phase, and looks like she’s all long legs and big feet. Well, let’s hope it’s a phase…

Either way, her family loves her to pieces, including the resident man of the house, Luther, who thinks she’s just swell, by sheer dint of the fact that she is a lady dog, and Luther thinks lady dogs are all that and an extra large bag of chips. He was also quite taken with Butters, who proceeded to woo him by letting him sniff her fat belly and by acting like the charming little flirt that she is.

I swear that girl is made out of marshmallows and sunshine, and hasn’t got a mean bone in her body. I wonder how she ended up at my house? Butters is showing this weekend, and Sean and I plan to drive down there tomorrow so we can see her in the ring and take some photos. Well, unless we get more snow – in which case we’ll be staying home and making our own damn pancake breakfast…

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