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Super Delicious Happy Puppy Playtime!

General puppy goofiness abounds in this one, including the Nellkins first attempt at eating pablum, a close up of Butters looking all superstar, Jelly getting her tummy rubbed, Heart and Jelly sharing kisses, and Rumble and Pixie snuggle sleeping (as usual).

Don’t forget to enter your crusty nosed Frenchie in the contest — send your photos in today!

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  1. Vivianne
    Vivianne says:

    Oh. My. God.

    After a crappy day, that’s all I needed.
    Heart and the nellkins, squee! Way too cute! Jelly huge belly! This shouldn’t be allowed, it’s too cute.

    Pixie is my favorite pup of all. She’s great, I love her sleeping at the end.
    I always wanted to name a puppy “pixel”. Maybe the other ones can be “Validated by w3c”, “SEO”, “locked layers” and all. lol 😛

    Vivianne’s last blog post..If I go to bed now

  2. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    The two of them curled up and sleeping at the end of the video?!? So freakin’ cute I can’t stand it! And the kissing? There are no words.. 🙂

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    I made Ken watch it — he has a soft spot for cute, too, though he’d never admit it around the courthouse.

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