HSUS – Where does the money go?

HSUS is investigated by Louisiana

HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) has done their best to get this investigative video by Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV pulled from YouTube and most of the other popular video sharing sites. Little wonder – it’s the best break down of HSUS’ long history of misleading practices that I’ve ever seen.

I find it impossible to regard HSUS as a ‘voice’ of reason within the animal welfare community when a cursory examination of their operation reveals what seems to be a machine designed simply to raise money on the backs of headline making animal abuse cases. Time and time again, we’ve seen HSUS use high profile cases that they have nothing to do with as cash grabs (Help the Michael Vick dogs! Help the Katrina pets!).

Add to this their abysmal record on Pit Bull welfare (Turn ’em in using the HSUS’ fighting dog hotline, so that we can advocate for their killing!) and I am left asking (to paraphrase Gina) “Why is anyone still giving money to HSUS?”.

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Delilah goes missing, Grandma looks smug… and fighting the good fight against BSL

OK,  before you look at the silly picture, everyone needs to read these blog posts –

  1. Luisa’s post on “How to create a dog that will bite somebody” is pure genius, and frighteningly accurate. Best part (worst part?) – Her photos of a ‘killer pit bull’, incarcerated in Texas for killing a child. It is to weep, honestly it is.
  2. If you’re not already despairing enough, go and read this post, on the caveat blog, about why the fight against breed specific legislation is everyone’s fight – from spaniel owners to Golden owners to cat owners. Do something about it, today – before it’s too late.Consider this – French Bulldogs? Those cute little dogs that look so silly here on my site, and in your lap? They’re on the banned list in a lot of cities already, and the ‘about to be banned list’ in even more, including the province of Ontario. Still think this isn’t your fight?

OK, here’s the picture. Click for full(er) sized.

French Bulldog Gargoyle en Paree…