French Bulldog Party in AZ!

After reading this, I will never again think I am overdoing it by baking Tessa a cake for her birthday and making the other dogs wear funny hats. Duke sure knows how to throw a birthday bash! If you’re out there and read this, we’d love some more party pictures!

I am surprised, however, that Mz. Party Animal Iz-Eloise-Ice-Bat, was not on the party list.

Party Dog

I don’t think a party can truly be complete without her festive presence, do you?

Duke’s birthday party goes to the dogs

Sherry Anne Rubiano
The Arizona Republic
Mar. 19, 2008 08:06 AM

Duke Dohrmann knows how to party in style.

Duke, a French bulldog, donned a white bowtie for his 12th birthday celebration Thursday. About 125 pet owners and 70 pooches attended his party at the Sun City Grand pet park in Sonoran Plaza, near Sunrise Boulevard and Remington Drive.

Duke’s owners, Fred and Lois Dohrmann of Sun City Grand, began the tradition of throwing Duke a party four years ago.


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It has grown into a large-scale gathering that friends look forward to every year.

“Lois and I love to do this for our friends,” Fred said. “(I’m) so grateful to see all the beautiful dogs.”

Sun City Grand resident Lori Greenstein said she and her dog, a Basenji named Pokemon, have attended Duke’s parties from the beginning.

“It’s just really, really fun to watch this thing grow, the number of dogs and the number of people that come, and to see Duke,” Greenstein said.

This year, partygoers celebrated with ice cream from Karen’s Kreamery in Surprise, dog treats, cake and a live jazz band. Previous years have featured a mariachi band and other delicacies.

In lieu of birthday presents for Duke, Fred asked people to donate gifts to the Arizona Humane Society. They collected $400, 28 toys, and 25 pounds of pet food for the organization.

“He doesn’t need gifts,” Fred said. “There are so many animals that need help.”