Rescue People are a Special Kind of People

The average, normal person has been refusing to leave their house during the storms which have been battering parts of Canada and the USA. Not rescue people, however – for rescue people, helping a dog trumps all kinds of bad weather. In some cases, this can also lead to some dangerous situations –

From Denver’s News Channel Seven

A Indiana man who got trapped in deep snow in Saguache County, Colo., survived by drinking Mountain Dew and eating snow.

Jason Pede, 31, was driving from Dulce, N.M. to Aspen, Colo., to deliver a rescue dog.

He told his wife Thursday morning he was following a plow truck, but she didn’t hear from him again.Pede had a cell phone, satellite radio and GPS, but when his Lincoln Navigator got stuck in the snow on a country road off Highway 114 northwest of Saguache, Colo., the electronic devices didn’t help.

Pede stayed in his vehicle, burning some items to warm, but no one found him.”When I finally ran out of fuel, I took it upon myself to walk the seven miles from where I was at to the roadway,” said Pede. “That was my only way of not dying, I guess.”

Great, but how’s the dog?

The Australian Shepherd Pede was taking to Aspen was found in his SUV and taken to a vet for treatment.

Video below the cut.

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