French Bulldog Profile – Weezie is Her Mother's Daughter

It’s funny the things that can be inherited. Dexter, for example has the exact same mark on the back of his neck as his grandmother, Sailor. It’s a sort of elongated triangle – in fact, when Sailor was a wee thing just a few days old, I said it looked like the sail of boat. Hence her name – Sailor, or Bullmarket Roch the Boat.

There are many things that Weezie (aka Absolut Bullmarket Eloise IceBat, aka Dexter’s sister) has inherited from her mother, Bunny.

Doe Eyed Weezie

She has Bunny’s limpid, doe eyed gaze. She has Bunny’s snowy white coat, which is as soft as down to the touch, and extremely snuggly (Dexter, on the other hand, has coarse, steel wool hair, more similar to his great Grandmother, Tessa).

Butterscotch Ear Spots

Weezie even has her mommy’s caramel ear spots – little tiny butterscotch colored polka dots on the backs of her ears. These spots are what tell us that both Weezie and her mom are, despite appearances to the contrary, not genetically ‘white dogs’, but are actually fawn pieds. Color in Frenchies – it’s a baffling thing.

Destructo Dog!!

Weezie has inherited something else from her mommy – the ‘rip it to shreds’ gene.

That’s the gene that makes her decide to shred an entire dog bed, much to the dismay of her much better behaved Puggie brothers, Nixon and Linus.

Nixon and Linus remind me of a pair of quiet, rather sedentary bachelors who have suddenly had their house invaded by a leather jacket clad, juvenile delinquent teenage girl.

I picture them huddling together, reminiscing about the days when the most excitement they got was the premiere of a new episode of Antique Roadshow.

Nixon's Birthday Party

It’s an awfully good thing that Weezie’s mom and dad love her as much as they do, but how could you not love such a cute face? After all, it’s something else she inherited from her mom – the ability to be so adorable that you forgive her for all her bad behavior.

Daddy's Girl

You can see the rest of Weezie’s photos here. She’s awful, but she’s also awfully cute!