Barbie gets strange in her old age

What’s up with the people over at Mattel? Did they all drink the Kool Aid or something, or has a merry band of subversive pranksters taken over their R&D division?

I can’t imagine what else is behind the release of two of their new models – S&M Barbie (OK, she’s really called the “Black Canary Barbie“), and the undeniably cute “The Birds” Barbie:

Rather disturbing S&M Barbie wears PVC, fisnets and fetish bootsBarbie Doll inspired by Tippi Hendren in The Birds

I guess it makes sense – Barbie has been a secretary, a pilot, a Veterinarian and a fry cook at McDonalds, so why not a Dominatrix(or a bird pecked 1950’s starlet, for that matter)? .

It’s nice to see Mattel opening up alternate career opportunities for today’s youth.

Personally, I’m holding out for Quentin Tarantino approved “Pulp Fiction” Barbies. The marketing opportunities are awesome – Gimp Ken, Honey Bunny Barbie, Asian Kid with Brains Blown Out, etc. After that, they could do Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill. Yeah, that’s your money maker, right there… are you listening, Mattel?