Support Hershey’s Law – Help End BSL in Ontario

Vicki Hearne once wrote that the Pit Bull “wars” were really about class warfare. I believe that to be more true today than it ever was.

Look at Peta, and their idiotic statements about the ‘types’ of people who want to adopt or own Pit Bulls. Look at the politicians who can’t seem to mention “Pit Bulls” without also saying “inner city” in the same sentence. Look at the people who animal control target, when it comes to randomly seizing dogs – the poor, the elderly, the disenfranchised. No one is driving up to Forest Hill and randomly snatching dogs out of yards because they ‘look like one of THOSE dogs’.

Politicians have gotten away with this for so long, because they really and truly believe that ‘those dogs’ are only owned by ‘those people’ – ie; poor people who are usually ethnic and who don’t vote.

If you want to teach them otherwise, please write to your MPP and tell them you support Bill 16, and come out to the Rally at Queens Park on February 23rd. I’ll be there with a handful of my ‘maybe sorta Pit Bulls’. Will you come, too?

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