Book Review – “Breed Lovers Guide to French Bulldogs”

French Bulldog - a Breed Lover's Guide

French Bulldog - a Breed Lover's Guide, by Lisa Ricciotti

I received a nice surprise in the mail yesterday – an advance copy of Lisa Ricciotti’s new book, “Breed Lovers Guide to French Bulldogs“.

This hard cover, spiral bound book is a wonderful introduction to the breed for new and prospective French Bulldog owners. Lisa’s well written text spells out French Bulldog basics, from winter weather care to how to choose appropriate toys and food for your Frenchie. She also does a great job summing up French Bulldog breed history (including the Frenchie’s “shady past”),  and her description of the breed’s characteristics and temperament doesn’t gloss over some of the grosser aspects of French Bulldogs (incessant gas, among other things).

The photos are colorful and clear, the nudges to purchase nylabone items (Nylabone is owned by TFH) are less blatant than in years gone past, and the chapters do a good job of spelling out the steps one should take before jumping into ownership.

Lisa even gives me credit for my much quoted, never attributed ode to French Bulldogs, “What am I?“, which I wrote up years ago specifically for FBRN rescue. Much appreciated, Lisa 😉

The Breed Lover’s Guide series of books is the newest incarnation of the TFH breed books, which have been published since the 1950s. The new books are nicely updated, and have replaced the out dated text suggesting pet stores as a great place to start looking for your new pet with tips about finding responsible breeders and links to breed club websites.

This is a great little book, and I heartily recommend it as an addition to any well rounded French Bulldog lover’s library. Two enthusiastic paws up!

Order your copy from Amazon – hurry, limited numbers are available, and only two were left in stock when I checked this morning!