Would You Pay $1 to Fight Stupidity?

Please help the BannedAid coalition in their upcoming legal battle to have Ontario’s Breed Bans over turned. They have retained of Canada’s TOP attorneys, Clayton Ruby, and now they need our help to continue the fight.

This fight is NOT just about “pit bulls” — it affects pedigree dogs of a large variety of breeds, and their owners ability to show, breed, own and love them. Even if you’re not a fan of Pitties, if you’re a fan of the right to own the pedigree breed of your choice, then please make a tiny donation of just one dollar.

That’s all they’re asking for — just donate $1 for every dog you can reach out and touch right now, in honor of all the despairing owners who have had their own beloved dogs ripped away from their sides.

In case you think that issues ‘like this’ can’t or won’t or don’t affect French Bulldogs, please note that rumors abound that if the ban isn’t over turned, it will be expanded to include “All Bull Breeds” (this means Boston BULL Terriers, ‘English’ Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs and Bull Terriers), as well as Rotties, Dobes and most of the remaining non banned Mastiff breeds. In other cities with breed bans, Bulldogs, Frenchies and even PUGS have been banned.

It’s time we all put a stop to this madness, and fight back wherever we are. This isn’t about “Pit Bulls” anymore – it’s about a concerted effort, spearheaded by the Animal Rights Groups who are too often called in as ‘experts’ when these laws are being drafted, to put an end to pure bred dog ownership. We can’t afford the luxury anymore of thinking this is about ‘them’, not ‘us’. The future is here, and we are now ‘them’.

Again, just $1 – think about what $1 from every owner or breeder of a purebred dog could accomplish.

Here’s the URL to donate –

The  companies below are doing their  bit for the fund raising effort. Please patronize them, and help the defense fund grow!

Best Dressed Dog
This site is donating 25% of their January sales.  You will see pits “modelling” their products so there is no need to wonder why they want to support the cause. 🙂

Mimmenuk Canine Designs – Braided Kangaroo Show Leads
This site is donating 10% of their January profits.

ONLY at the below location : The owners will donate 10 % of the restaurant sales for Saturday January 17th
Boston Pizza
1164 Chemong Road in Peterborough Ontario.