Brie the French Bulldog Terrorizes Manhattan

Brie from Colorado, world's second cutest French Bulldog

First we had demonic French Bulldogs taking over an office building in The Hague – now we have an angelic French Bulldog taking over Times Square.

I’m sensing a trend here – forget about packs of toddler devouring Daschunds. What the world really needs to be worried about are French Bulldogs taking over entire buildings.

Move over, Godzilla. Get bent, Mothra. Make way for the French Bulldog that ate Manhattan.

Someone alert the media – wouldn’t that make a swell sound bite?

Brie in Purina's Picture Your Dog in Times Square Event

Author’s note: Brie is actually a cute little Frenchie from Colorado. She owns Marleen Puzak, and is more inclined to eat cookies than she is to devour buildings.

Just don’t piss her off.

Here’s a close up of her appearance in Times Square, which was part of Purina’s Picture Your Dog in Times Square event.