Meet Hanna!

Mastiff and French Bulldog playing puppy tug of war

Hanna and Brigid puppy playing tug of war

After a weekend of arguing over names, we’ve finally all agreed on a name for our newest family member – Hanna, after my favorite Woody Allen movie, but minus the final ‘h’, so that we can avoid any unfortunate Miley Cyrus references.

Brigid has decided that Hanna is her new best friend. Pickle, on the other hand, has decided that Hanna is some sort of terrifying new monster, and is best barked at from a safe distance. Let’s hope that changes over time.

Meet Brigid

Bullmarket N Windridge Brigid of Kildare

Bullmarket N Windridge Brigid of Kildare

Meet our newest arrival – Brigid, the fawn pied twelve week old puppy.

I can’t really decide if her arrival is the best of timing, or the worst. I feel somehow guilty about enjoying a new puppy, a day after mourning Mae’s loss, but I suppose that’s all part of the cycle of life. At any rate, I’d already made plans for her arrival today, so I couldn’t see the point in delaying picking her up.

Brigid is out of old Eva Han lines, mixed with some British exports by way of Europe. She’s co owned with myself and Paula Roberts, of Windridge. Our plan was for her to live at Paula’s, but Paula’s work schedule at the moment would have left little Miss Mouse spending an awful lot of time in the crate, so here she is.

Delilah hates her, Pickle is slightly scared of her, Sailor pretty much ignores everyone, and Penelope thinks she’s fun to wrestle with. In other words, business as usual.

Just now, I carelessly left the door to Bunny’s whelping room partially open, while I was washing the floor, and Brigid happily ran in and jumped right into the whelping box, apparently thinking that maybe she’d like a drink, too. Bunny was too stunned to do much more than make a puzzled “Whhaaaaa???” face, before I snatched Brigid up and returned her to safety. I’m lucky she still has her head attached – Bunny does not take the protective part of motherhood lightly.

If the dogs think that this week’s new addition has been a shock, wait until they see what’s coming next weekend.