Finn Hits the Show Ring!

Finn with handler Kay Reil and Judge Richard Paquette

Finn amazed us all by finishing his Canadian championship in a single weekend, his first time in the ring,  from the 6 – 9 month puppy class. While he was there, he also took a Group 2, two Group 3 wins, three Best Puppy in Group wins and a Best Puppy in Show.

Our thanks to judges Olga Gagne, Mel Saranchuk and Richard Paquette for recognizing Finn’s excellent type, and to Finn’s handler, Kay Reil, for making him shine. Thanks as well to Pam McClintock and John Griffith for assisting with Finn this weekend – we appreciate it!

It’s always fun when puppies finish this quickly – Finn’s great uncles did the same, with Stoney finishing in one weekend, owner handled by Charlotte Creeley, with back to back five point majors. Just to keep things interesting, he finished his CD the same weekend. His great uncle Rebel finished with three five point majors and two group wins, and his half sister, Butters, finished in four days with a Best Puppy in Show.

Those are some pretty big shoes for Finn to fill, but I’m confident he can do it.

I think I’m particularly proud of Finn’s wins because he’s not just correct, he’s healthy – his breathing is perfect, his eyes are JC clear, his hips, patellas and spine are all prelim clear, and he jumps like a mountain goat. Topping it all off, he moves with that gorgeous French Bulldog double tracking movement that is so incredibly unique to our breed, and yet is so increasingly rare to see. It’s nice when your dog wins, but it’s even nicer when he’s a dog you can be this proud of.

Finn’s sister, Madge, showed this weekend as well. Madge looked great in the ring, and Kay handled her beautifully, but Madge is never going to enjoy the ring the way Finn does (partially because she doesn’t have his same unbridled enthusiasm for snacks). You know you’re up against it when the judge asks your dog “Why so sad, little pup?”, and your handler has to explain, “That’s not sad, that’s just Madge’s face”. We sometimes wonder if she isn’t really Delilah’s daughter, stolen away by Penelope when we weren’t looking.

It’s OK, Madgela, mommy loves you – and so did the crowd. I’ve never had so many questions and comments about a Frenchie puppy, ranging from “What color do we call this?” (asked by a judge, and answered with “We call it fawn pied, and it’s in the standard”, which seemed to make everyone happy) to “Wow, her markings are perfect”, which – of course they are, they’re on Madge.

I took home two tired puppies last night, and they celebrated with ice cream, followed by a vigorous romp through the muddy backyard.

Show dogs, yes, but swamp puppies first.