And yet more puppies…

I’m living vicariously through my friend Paula’s Bullmastiff puppies, since I can NOT wrap my head around having a litter of puppies that will be as large at eight weeks as my crew are fully grown.

Here’s video of Paula’s pups at 2 weeks and change. You can learn more about her dogs over on her website.

Your Friday Moment of Zen – Bullmastiff Puppies at One Day Old

Today’s moment of Zen is my friend Paula’s litter of TEN one day old Bullmastiff puppies. My favorite part of all comes at the very end – watching their tiny little tails wagging like metronomes as they eat. It’s been so long since I saw a litter of tailed puppies, I’d forgotten how vigorously they can wag them!

Warning: every dog in my house went nuts when they heard the squeaking of these little guys, so be forewarned.