Delilah is Unhappy

Poor Delilah is as big as house, and not very happy about it. She looks like she swallowed a watermelon, and considering she’s already a hefty girl, and that she has almost 2 1/2 weeks to go still, this is only going to get more painful to watch. She has a heart breaking routine – heave a sigh, stare at her stomach, stare at me with a look that says “This is all YOUR fault, and I’m not letting you forget it”, and then heave another sigh of resentment.

She is so never going to forgive me for this…

Canine Pregnancy in Thirteen Steps

Just for fun (a statement which cries out for the writer to get a real life, or at least some better hobbies), I thought I’d do a thorough break down on the steps involved in going from point ‘A’ (Bitch in Season) to point ‘B’ (litter of puppies).

It’s more complicated than you’d think.

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