French Bulldog Profiles – Chaos in Michigan!

(French Bulldog Profiles is a new feature I’ll be running from time to time. If you’d like me to feature your Frenchie here, send along a few photos, and a short paragraph or two about your pet, to this email address. Links to YouTube videos are also welcome!)

Meet Chaos, which is short for Chaos Reigns Supreme. Chaos lives with his mom, Laura Nagel, in Michigan.

Laura writes –

I have a 10 month old Frenchie that I purchased through a breeder in Georgia that I honestly didn’t know a lot about. After seeing a picture and later a short movie of my boy, there was nothing that was going to keep me from him. He was already 3 months old when I got him and he immediately took over my quiet life.

I have been married without any children for over 12 years and have always had pets, but Chaos is something else. Technically known as “Chaos Reigns Supreme” his name couldn’t be more suiting. The energy and happiness with which he exists is exactly what I needed at this point in life.

A quick learner and avid pleaser training has been a breeze begging with potty training (bell training) being complete in a little over 2 weeks. He is a social bug and we take him everywhere with us. He listens so well that we don’t even put him on a leash. I know that he does not conform to the breed standard very closely, but his health is wonderful and that is what really matters to me.

He and his mean cat brother play without regard for anything around them and the session always ends in an energetic race throughout the house and between the furniture which we affectionately call the “frenchie 500”.

The pictures will explain it all!