More old Frenchie photos…

Still digging through the literally hundreds of old Frenche photos I have stashed away in boxes, bins and books. I’m ashamed to admit that, as I start to get to the bottom of the pile, I’m running into photos of dogs that I have no idea who they are. Granted, they are puppy pictures, but still. Senility, she is le bitch…

Who are you, puppy?
Dunno what puppy this is.. but he’s a cutie!

Here’s someone I could never forget – this is Barb’s lovely Roseanne, aka Bullmarket A&As Stripe Ts. It was a hot day, so her mouth was hanging open, but you can still see what a beautiful girl she was. She was a gorgeous, unusual color – a sort of silvery brindle. Just gorgeous.

Barb's lovely Rosey - Bullmarket A&A's Stripe Ts
Bullmarket A&A Stripe Ts

Here’s another utterly unforgettable beauty – my beloved, and dearly missed, Chicky girl. She was bred by Jane Gil, and her full name was Fulla Bull’s Bullmarket Chicky. Not only was she my joy, but she was my daughter Nicole’s most beloved dog. Chicky was one of the great tragedies of my life – she was, believe it or not, able to climb chain link fence. Funny, isn’t it? Except that she climbed the chain link into our neighbour’s yard, and fell into his pool and drowned. I’ll always, always regret her loss.

Fulla Bull's Bullmarket Chicky
Fulla Bull Bullmarket Chicky

Chicky begat the lovely – and thankfull still her – Lolita, aka Bullmarket Chiquita Lolita. Lola  is celebrating her tenth birthday this weekend, party and all, with her owner Maggie Montgomery (yes, I got the email! Answer coming this afternoon after I get off work). Lola lives with Penelope’s sister, Sushi, in downtown Toronto.

Lola is mom to Felix and Diva, who I posted a photo of yesterday.

Bullmarket Chiquita Lolita, at about age three
Chiquita Lolita

More old photos coming soon, and some of my favorites over on the Frenchie Photo Blog.