13 Cutest French Bulldog Pieces on Etsy right now

I love Etsy – I love everything about it, from the website design to the concept to the idea of supporting independent artists.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Etsy, it’s

a website which focuses primarily on providing the general public with a way to buy and sell handmade items. The site follows in the tradition of open craft fairs, giving sellers personal storefronts where they list their goods for a fee. It has been compared to “a crafty cross between Amazon and eBay” and “your grandma’s basement”.

As the description says, it’s a venue for artists to sell small numbers of hand crafted pieces – everything from fine art to low brow kitsch. I’ve found – and purchased – quite a few lovely French Bulldog pieces there, and many of the artists can make custom items, or items in a number of breeds.

Here are the thirteen cutest French Bulldog pieces I’ve recently found on Etsy (all images are linked directly from the seller’s page). Please note that since many pieces are either one of a kind or made in small numbers, something that’s available today might not still be there next week.



Kayann Works Spoiled French Bulldog Pendant

Kayann Works customs crafts these big, beautiful pendants onto Dominos. I own one, and wear it all the time, and plan to order a custom made pendant with Tessa on it. Side note: the leather she uses for a cord ‘sheds’ little bits of black guck, so request it on a satin ribbon, instead.



French Bulldog Cigar Label

There’s something about the face of the Frenchie on this faux Cigar box label from Rubenacker that just makes me happy – perhaps because I have a weakness for single hooded pieds, and their resemblance to Petey from Our Gang. Either way, this is one sweet art print.



Must Love Frenchies Pendant

Barrel of Monkeys does quite a few cute, funky, inexpensive Frenchie themed items. Their shrink plastic “Must Love Frenchies” pendants are fun, colorful and almost downright cheap, and would be great as a necklace or even as gift tags.



Iridescent Glass French Bulldog pendant

I love these gorgeous, iridescent glass pendants from Frums Glass Menagerie. They glisten in gorgeous shades of color, and people never fail to comment when I wear one of them. They do them in tons of colors and tons of breeds – and, again, this is an exquisite piece of hand made jewelery for a really great price.



BellaBella does mix n’ match Greeting Cards and envelopes that come in a lovely gift box with ribbon. Their cute pop art French Bulldog cards are great for an all purpose card, or for “New Puppy” announcements. People do still send things snail mail, right? I also think they’d look lovely framed as a cute little print – buy a pack of 8 cards, pop them into some frames from Ikea, and give them to Frenchie crazed friends as Christmas gifts or for fund raisers!



Vinatge French Bulldog Gig Poster

Again from BellaBella come these custom made, faux vintage gig posters, made with your dog’s image and tag line, and similar in feel to old indie band posters. Note that the dog on the poster is a Frenchie, and that their store is named after her. Is it any coincidence that so many artists also have Frenchies?



I am going to forgive the talented artists over at Penguin And Fish for creating a French Bulldog print that much more closely resembles a Boston Terrier, simply because I adore their work so much. I love the colors, the brush work, the funky retro feel and the illustration-esque look of their work. We’ll work on getting them to use a more Frenchie looking Frenchie in their future pieces.



This is a cute, colorful print from Lady Artista. She can work from your dog’s image, or has several Frenchie prints available. I love seeing animal portraits available in so many new, fresh styles. There’s something out there now for just about anyone’s taste.



French Bulldog Family in Cafe

I don’t know what it is, but something about this painting of French Bulldogs in a Parisian Cafe appeals to me. I love how the woman in the couple seems to be nursing a hangover. Looking after three Frenchies will do that to you, trust me. Stylistically, this is worlds away from most of the custom animal portraits out there – remember when just about all you could get were pen and ink sketches, or paint by number-esque acrylics? This is a print from a custom painting by Lou Marek.



Another piece from Rubenacker – the same artist who created the ‘vintage’ cigar box label above. This guy sure has a way with Frenchies, and his coloring is soft and beautiful. He paints many different breeds, all of which are lovely and true to breed type, even when he’s doing funky prints like his Boston Terrier Aviators and Astronauts.



Oh, this is one of my favorites. The flying, surrealistic Frenchie is a lovely memorial. Welcome to the Doghouse does great custom work, or their prints are wonderful for framing. Like Rubenacker, many of their prints have subjects which are great fun – check out their flying Bostons, and their Cheetos Sloth.



Dog Art Studio does some incredible Frenchie pieces in soft watercolors. He offers prints, or custom pieces. I’m not a huge fan of watercolors, but these are quite nice.



Here’s another beautiful glass pendant, this one using a French Bulldog cigarette card. Squidglass does pieces with soft, antique colors, and uses fused glass. Lovely worksmanship, for really reasonable prices.



Felted French Bulldog and Bichon

Bonus item! Amelia Makes Art doesn’t have a French Bulldog listed on Etsy right now, but she has one in her album of completed commissions, and she specifies she can make one from your own dog’s photos. Her works are tiny, beautiful pieces of art, hand felted out of wool and bits of other things. They’re lovely. Oh, and she donates $10 from every commission to the Family Dogs New Life Shelter in Portland.







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