3 dogs, 2 provinces, 16 volunteers, 1,037 km

Our rescue relay route

Our rescue relay route

Well, that was pretty much the most impressive rescue relay I’ve ever seen first hand.

Three dogs, two provinces, 13 teams of volunteer drivers, 5 different rescue groups (that I can think of off hand – there might be one or two more, and at least TWO of them don’t even ‘work for’ the actual breeds involved), and a rough total of 1,037 km of driving for everyone involved – and all to get three dogs into their new homes.

End of the day, two collies in new foster homes, one REALLY handsome Frenchie boy being fostered in Beamsville, and I went on a shopping spree at the weird Asian food market.

Did you know you can get a 10 lb bag of goat pieces for $5.99, and that there at least SIX kinds of yam? Also, “Lobster Flavored Shrimp Crackers” don’t taste like shrimp -or- lobster, but rather like somewhat salty packing foam.

Photos of the new boy as soon as Karen has assessed him. He’s definitely dog aggressive – some dogs, at least – but his surrender form says “good with cats and kids”. Well, we think that’s what it says – it’s all in French. It might actually say “good at EATING cats and kids”. One small words, such a big difference.

For all of their help with this rescue relay, our thanks go to Pug Canada Rescue, Greyhound Transport, Collie Rescue Network, Pug a Lug Rescue, the Montreal SPCA, the individual volunteers, the over night home care volunteers and the final fosters. You guys rock, especially Cheryl Lamb who whipped all of us into shape.

Go team Collie/Frenchie Relay!