A French Bulldog Video Interlude

And now, a video interlude. First off, let me say that I fully understand that the pop dance track accompanying this vid is something of a deviation from my normal musical choice, but let me say that it is not my fault, because this music is the devil.

Listen to it once, and it will sink tiny little barbs into your cerebral cortex, thereby lodging itself there forever. I fully expect to sit drooling in a nursing home one day, all coherent thought long gone other than the lyrics of this song.

Oh, and Ting Ting also did that song from the iPod commercial. Sean threatened to hit me in the head with a hammer if I used that one in this video, muttering something about my being a ‘tool of Satan’.

So, ignore the music and just look at the pretty puppy, and all will be well.

Over in New York City, Carol Rowbo’s French Bullog Jacques is poised for total world dominance via his new Doritos Commercial. Check it out at this link, and watch this spot for news on when voting will begin.

Oh, and the crusty nose contest winners will be announced this week!