There go more brain cells

It is almost always, always a mistake to listen to a certain friend of mine when she calls and says “You REALLY have to see this show”. Inevitably, it will be some train wreck of a reality show that leaves me feeling like I need to give my brain a bleach enema. ‘Manicurists Gone Wild’! ‘Worm Farmers – Slithering to Glory’! Is there anyone left who doesn’t have their own television show?

In this case, the show was “Jersey Shore”, and the combined rage and humiliation I was left feeling after I’d watched it was combined with relief that I now finally understood all those comedy segments on the Huffington Post. On the other hand, Sean pointed out that anyone who spends five minutes a day looking at People of Walmart and photos of Hamsters riding Subway trains is on pretty shaky moral high ground.

He’s probably got a point.

If you’ve got a few brain cells left to burn, check out Craig Ferguson’s parody clip “Jersey Shore – the Movie”.