So cute it's going to hurt

OK, here it is – the world’s absolute and utter kyoooootest video.

Seriously, this is as cute as it gets. Just deal with, and move on with your lives as best you can, because everything after this is going to be a let down of earth shattering proportions.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Evil Supercuteness Puppy Powers

Solo’s E.S.P.P.* is growing – he is officially now able to ‘smile’ almost on cue, he kicks his widdle feets if you tickle his tummy, and if you coo ‘Solooooo’ at him while holding him, he’ll jump up and lick your chin. The only hope for the world is if he decides to use his powers for good, not evil, because otherwise we are all so screwed. World domination is within his fuzzy little grasp.

As proof, I submit the following video. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if he ends up one day known as Lord High Interplanetary Ruler Solo.

* note that ESPP is now a new tag…

Separated at Birth

Separated at birth:

Knut the infamous abandoned polar bear cub born at the Berlin Zoo – and now apparently named Flocke or Snowflake…


… and our own Solo puppy.

Not only do they look alike, but both –

* have moms who are uninterested in raising them (altho’ Solo’s didn’t try to chomp on his head)
* had to be bottle fed
* had siblings who died
* are extreme examples of cute-i-tude

I rest my case.