Is a dog bite ever justified?

Years ago, we moved house at a very inopportune time.

I had a brand new litter on the ground, just a few days old, and there was no pushing ahead our moving date. So, I packed up the dam and her puppies, and put them into the ground floor bathroom of the new house, safely tucked into the bathtub, complete with a heating pad and loads of bedding. On the door, I put a LARGE, hand lettered sign that said “Dog inside – DO NOT OPEN DOOR!!!!!”.

You can probably imagine what happened.

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A 'dangerous dog' is a dog that bites

After spending most of yesterday arguing with people who remain convinced that there are two types of dogs in the world (theirs, and everyone else’s) I was interested to read KC Dogblog’s round up of dog bite news reports, especially since so many of them were by breeds that ‘most people’ don’t think of as being dangerous – or even as being capable of biting.

Breeds like long haired Dachshunds and English Bulldogs, for example.

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Delilah goes missing, Grandma looks smug… and fighting the good fight against BSL

OK,  before you look at the silly picture, everyone needs to read these blog posts –

  1. Luisa’s post on “How to create a dog that will bite somebody” is pure genius, and frighteningly accurate. Best part (worst part?) – Her photos of a ‘killer pit bull’, incarcerated in Texas for killing a child. It is to weep, honestly it is.
  2. If you’re not already despairing enough, go and read this post, on the caveat blog, about why the fight against breed specific legislation is everyone’s fight – from spaniel owners to Golden owners to cat owners. Do something about it, today – before it’s too late.Consider this – French Bulldogs? Those cute little dogs that look so silly here on my site, and in your lap? They’re on the banned list in a lot of cities already, and the ‘about to be banned list’ in even more, including the province of Ontario. Still think this isn’t your fight?

OK, here’s the picture. Click for full(er) sized.

French Bulldog Gargoyle en Paree…