Massive Puppy Mill Rescue

French Bulldogs in acceptable USDA sized puppy mill cage

French Bulldogs living in an *acceptable* USDA sized puppy mill cage

Cage size: must be 6 inches larger than the size of the dog, on all sides”.

That’s what USDA demands for the dogs being bred in USDA inspected and approved facilities. 6 inches, half a foot on each side, and above their heads, every day, every night, for their entire lives. That’s what the best of them are expected to provide, so imagine, for just one minute, what it is like for the French Bulldogs living in the worst.

There has always been controversy surrounding the purchase of dogs from Puppy Mill auctions. Rescues with good intentions but no auction experience can drive up prices, letting Mills get prices sometimes thousands of dollars more than they would have normally. With that money,breeders can then turn around and buy all new breeding stock, beginning the cycle all over again. Better to starve them of demand, we’ve been told. Let their old stock go unsold, and then at the end of the day, they’ll be more likely to turn the dogs over to rescue. A good theory, but with some dogs going without bids at all, there have been rumors for years of puppy mills who don’t bother to take unsold stock back home. I’ll let you imagine how that’s accomplished.

An experienced rescue volunteer can change up those odds. She or he can get in there, properly dressed, and put in some low ball bids near the end of the bidding. They won’t get the young stock, the healthy young bitches or the ones in ‘rare’ colors, but they can get the old timers, the crippled dogs and the ones who perhaps wouldn’t even be given a car ride back to their pen at the end of the day, if no one else bid on them.

A donation of as little as fifty dollars can buy a dog their freedom, if a rescue who knows what they’re doing are the ones doing the bidding. Fifty dollars can get a dog out of that cage that extends just six inches around them, where they’ve lived their entire lives, waiting for someone to see them as more than just a money making machine.

This Friday, if we can raise enough money, one rescue is going to attempt a massive French Bulldog puppy mill rescue, from conditions that are nothing less than hellish. I hope that I’ll be able to introduce you to some of the dogs next week. There is one that I can’t stop thinking about, without having even met her. She’s pregnant, and she’s also nine years old.  We don’t know how many litters she’s had before this, but we do know that she’s had all of them while living inside that hell – that six inch hell.

I’d like to say that I can’t even imagine that, but I can, and because I can, I don’t know if I can sleep knowing that she might get left behind, bought up by another puppy mill, put back in another cage, whelping – one more litter after this one? Two more? Until she gives out, or her uterus does, or she dies in the delivery, or inside of that six inch cage.

I don’t know what the price is for a life like that, but if just $50 can buy it, then the karma you can get with $50 has just increased infinitely.

From Mary Scheffke and Chicago French Bulldog Rescue:

What we face as a rescue is the fear that we will not be able to get all the dogs out due to people bidding too high and against us. I can tell you how I had nightmares for over a year about the dogs I left behind at the auction last time I went. It is usually hard to save them all but I would love to be able to save them ALL at this auction! So- I am reaching out to all my dear friends to help us help these dogs. They have lived LONG ENOUGH in deplorable conditions! If this farmer is facing serious cruelty charges to these animals- you can bet they have been treated horribly! Without your help- we will NOT be able to get them all out and back into warm houses and blessed with warm hearts to take care of them. We know of other rescues who have gotten Bulldogs from this same place – the dogs had broken legs from being kicked and worse!

Donate if you can, even if it’s just $5, because think about that for a minute – just ten people, giving $5 each, can get a French Bulldog a new life.

What a small price to pay.

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue’s Chip In page is here –

Their Paypal link is on their website

Their widget below donates directly to their Paypal fund. Let’s bring them home, people – just one French Bulldog at a time.