This and that and other stuff…

I had a hellish week. Hellish, I tell you. I am not going to go into it at the moment, but suffice to say – sulphur, brimstone, the works. Thank God for the weekend.

I got a sudden impulse last week to re do my entire web design website from html to CMS. What was I thinking? Who knows, but never being one to let a good impulse go to waste, I instantly dove right into it, thinking to myself “This is going to take a few hours”. Fast forward to the next day, where it’s 3 in the morning and I am over caffeinated, sleep deprived, and hallucinating header.php code. I crawled into bed at about 3:30, and I dreamed about re designing my website.

Seriously. I dreamed I was editing widgets and hand writing html, all in mind numbing detail. At one point, I bolted awake thinking “I can’t edit that Logo text – it will throw off the alignment of the entire menu!”. I think Sean smacked me in the head with a pillow until I stopped whimpering and went back to sleep. Check out the new look –

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