A 'dangerous dog' is a dog that bites

After spending most of yesterday arguing with people who remain convinced that there are two types of dogs in the world (theirs, and everyone else’s) I was interested to read KC Dogblog’s round up of dog bite news reports, especially since so many of them were by breeds that ‘most people’ don’t think of as being dangerous – or even as being capable of biting.

Breeds like long haired Dachshunds and English Bulldogs, for example.

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Once again, imitation *doesn't* equal flattery

An update: These guys don’t just steal text, they steal photos, as well. Their picture of ‘Abby’ was stolen from Bulldog Ally. This increases the chances that they’re actually just a wire transfer scam.

Well, I had no idea that I breed Bull Terriers and English Bulldogs….You’d think I would have noticed them running around the house, especially since I apparently have a gazillion of them. So, if you run across this site when searching for me, please rest assured you are in the wrong place. Way, way wrong.

The total and utter nerve of some people just slays me. Plus, if I ever design a site that sucks as much as this one, I hope all my fingers fall off. I won’t even comment on how their poor Frenchies look, since it isn’t their fault their owner is a halfwit.


ps: This is for the search engines, since is apparently coming up when people search for Absolut Bullmarket. Lekside Bullys are liars, and, judging by their prices, they’re probably a wire transfer rip off scam. Do not buy an English Bulldog puppy, French Bulldog puppy, or Bull Terrier puppy from Lekside Bullys or . They’re morons, and their web site sucks, too.