Dogs Worshipping False Idols – The Trend Goes Global

It was with a sinking heart that I ran across this Family Circus Sunday comic strip on the Comics Curmudgeon website

Comics Curmudgeon does his best to interpret the (as usual) indecipherable gibberish that is a Family Circus cartoon, with the following sentence:

“Barfy the dog is apparently unable to distinguish between a round-headed lump with an eternal dumb grin on its face and not a single thought in its head and a snowman”

Oh, if this were only true. To FrogDog Blog readers, this scenario screams of one thing, and one thing only – canine idol worship, a growing trend of global proportions.

Yes, Barfy, family dog of the decidedly Christian Keene family, is laying down an offering at the foot of his new Snow God. Bowing in worship, Barfy prays for his release from a world composed of round headed children, dead floating grandparents, and trite witicisms that would make Lol Cats look like Dorothy Parker.

What horrible vengeance will Barfy’s snow God unleash on the Keene world, if he ever rises to do Barfy’s bidding? I have no idea, but it would sure be awesome to find out.