Happy Birthday, Nicole (and Happy 4th of July too)

Hard to believe, but my little girl is 27 today – and that also means that this photo was taken 21 years ago, which explains the blurriness. The bad lighting is all on me.

Happy Birthday, Nicole – thanks for putting up with me as your mom, and with my dog craziness, for almost your entire life! Love you!


Happy Birfday, Tessa! You’re 15 Years Young

Tessa At Fifteen, with her bratty great grandson Dwight

Tessa At Fifteen, with her bratty great grandson Dwight

Tessa spent the first 48 hours of her life living in a bathtub.

Her mom, Tara, decided to go into early labor the day before we were due to move house. Timing wasn’t perfect, and I was frankly in a state of panic. This was only my second French Bulldog litter, and no one had prepared me for ‘what to do if you have newborn puppies and a house full of movers’. I had to find a quiet room, one that wouldn’t have movers constantly going in and out of it, and that seemed to be the bathroom, on both ends of the move. I lined the tub with heating pads and thick blankets, turned on the space heaters, and stuck “Do NOT Open This Door For ANY REASON!!!” signs up.

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Food for Friends and Monkey Faces

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving – at least everyone here in Canada.

I’ll be cooking a full on Thanksgiving dinner, like I do every year. I admit it, I go a bit overboard when it comes to feeding friends and family. I suffer from famine cooking syndrome, the fear that if I don’t cook ten times too much food, someone MIGHT. STARVE!!

This year, it’s a locally smoked ham, which Sean is refusing to let me honey glaze, since he thinks glaze is the devil’s way of messing up good meat. Instead, I’ll do a dry mustard rub, and sneak some demerara sugar onto one side of it. For sides – sweet potato casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts with chestnuts, dinner rolls and turnip. For dessert, pumpkin pie of course, with a chocolate truffle cake on the side for those idjits (cough:sean:cough) who can’t see the intrinsic beauty that is pumpkin pie. It’s a vegetable. It’s a dessert. It’s BOTH!

A few puppy faces to keep you company are over on Flickr... and my favorites are below.

Peek a Boo Pixie

Peek a Boo Pixie

Snuggle Butters

Snuggle Butters

Emo Rumble Does Album Art

Emo Rumble Does Album Art

Happy Night Before Christmas


Mae’s baby boy is doing much, much better. He’s gained a full ounce and a half, which is an amazing turn around. I’m still bottle feeding him, now about every four hours instead of every two.

The kids took some photos – I’ve been slacking off in the photo taking department, I fear.

There are some of the Bunny pups, a few of Nicole, Ryan, Amy and Derek, and a few of our tree – which fell over early this morning, smashing some of my imported, antique, hand blown glass ornaments.

Sigh. I knew it looked lopsided.

Oh well, it’s the things like this that make Christmases memorable, I suppose. Nothing says ‘Hey, do you remember?’ like an emergency tree water mop up at 6 am, while the dogs run around your feet, sniffing out their gifts from the boxes under the tree and just generally being happy to see everyone up so early.

Enjoy the photos, and have a great, tree-accident free Christmas. BTW, the rest of the photos are here –