New photos and a new photo blog

French Bulldog Traffic JamI just uploaded a bunch of photos to Flickr.

There are some of Delilah, looking cute, some of Elliott, looking cute.. well, you get the idea. There’s a plethora of French Bulldog cuteness going on.

All of that photo posting, and the (hopefully) upcoming litters reminded me of something I’d been meaning to do – start a  dedicated blog for my French Bulldog photos and videos.

Personally, it drives me nuts when I visit a blog and get bogged down in a ton of photos. I’m on satellite – slow, slow satellite – and a photo heavy blog can slow me to a crawl. I assume that the same holds true for other people, as well. Still, I like uploading photos, so I decided to start a blog just to feature my French Bulldog photos.

It’s where I’ll be posting samples from some of my favorite sets uploaded to Flickr, as well as the newest videos of the pups or of the dogs being silly. I’ll add notes in my main blog posts here, so you’ll know where to find them, but this way you’ll have a choice.

The new photo blog is here –

It has a few photos from the two sets I just uploaded on Flickr today –

Frenchies around the pool and the pond

Dexter, Elliott and Nell

I’ll still post the occasional small photo here, naturally, but the big ones are over at the new blog.

Snow, snow, snow – and puppies

Well, we’ve had our first real snowfall – that snow that isn’t going anywhere, at least not until spring. Sean spent a good two hours outside shovelling out the dog runs and walkways. See? Boyfriends can be useful!

I also took some new pix of the Bunny pups, including a few of Dexter, the puppy formerly known as Nigel. I wanted to name him Prince Symbol, but Barb outvoted me.

There’s also a photo in there of Mae, who is as big as a house, and not very happy about it. A week to go at the most, Mae Mae! Hang in there!

Here are a few of the photos, or click here to see them full sized on Flickr.