Singing Simon

Singing Simon the French Bulldog Puppy

Simon singing his sad, sad song.

Simon and his brothers have formed quite the little a capella group – every so often, they throw their little heads back and sing their hearts out. There’s something weirdly disconcerting about a teeny tiny puppy who is howling like a miniature timber wolf.

I haven’t quite managed to get it on video yet, but I do get a nice series of photos of Simon in action. Check out that big round head and those shoe button eyes! So cute!

I’m trying out a new method of displaying photos, so you’ll find them all after the cut.

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Friday Zen – Dexter Hates the Squeaky Toy

This is an old video, but still one of my favorites. It’s Dexter as a puppy (when he was still named Nigel, a name Sean vetoed on the grounds that it made him sound like a fussy old librarian, to which I say ‘what’s wrong with that?’).

Dexter, then as in now, has some pretty strong reactions to things he does not like – and he does not like the squeaky toy.

Friday Zen – Crying Frenchie Puppy

Crying French Bulldog puppy sounds like kitten

Is it just me, or does this little guy sound JUST like a kitten meowing? I believe we have a strong contender here for the Gold Medalist winner, in Frenchie Death Yodel, Junior Edition competition.

Frenchie Death Yodel, Updated

Buddy the French Bulldog has possibly the most ear piercing death yodel I have ever heard out of a French Bulldog.

As of this moment, he is the penultimate winner of the “Death Yodel Championship Trophy”. If you think your dog has what it takes to beat him, send me a link to a video of them in action.