Swimming French Bulldog Dives for Rocks

A few summers ago, I was swimming in our pool while Elliott hung out poolside on the concrete patio. Out of the blue Elliot, for some weird Frenchie reason that only he could make sense of, decided he would simply walk off of the concrete and into the pool. The thing is? He didn’t even try to swim – not a stroke. He just sort of got this resigned look on his face, a look that said, “uh oh. I guess I’m drownded now”, and then he sank to the bottom of the pool.

I, of course, reached down and lifted him out, and he sort of shook himself, shrugged, and then tried to walk into the pool again. After that, Elliott didn’t hang out with me poolside, because some sort of invisible sirens in the deep blue pool water seemed to be calling him to a watery doom.

This is a kind of long winded way to say  DO NOT TRY WHAT YOU SEE IN THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR FRENCH BULLDOG! Chances are that your French Bulldog, unlike the French Bulldog in this video, will NOT be able to swim, but will sink like a rock. Just ask Elliott.

With that out of the way, how cool is this cliff diving, rock fetching Frenchie?