Mending Broken Hearts

Mending Broken Hearts, One French Bulldog at a Time

This new design for the French Bulldog Village’s Cafe Press store lets you show the world that Rescue is “Mending Broken Hearts, One French Bulldog at a Time”.

Featuring the lovely Miss Itty Bitty (aka Ema), this design is available for light and dark clothing and accessories. Bumper sticker and button friendly designs are coming soon.

See all of the designs at the FBV Store, or check out the sample t shirt below. 100% of all profits benefit French Bulldogs like Ema.

French Bulldog rescue t shirt

French Bulldog Gift Items, Luxe Edition

With the holiday season approaching, we find ourselves thinking “What the hell, is it that time again already?”. We then contemplate drinking, heavily.

Wait, maybe that’s just me.

Perhaps you’re more the type who gleefully begins to search out just the perfect petit trésor for those extra special people on your list. If money is no object, and the person you’re shopping for is a French Bulldog enthusiast, we have a few shopping ideas for you.

If travel is no impediment to finding the perfect gift, book your plane tickets now for part Deux of the Auction of the Century – the final phase of the Yves Saint Laurent-Pierre Bergé Auction, to be held in Paris Nov. 17-20. As any French Bulldog fancier worth their salt well knows, St. Laurent was a die hard French Bulldog aficionado.

Yves St. Laurent's French Bulldog Moujik

The current incarnation of Moujik, shown above after a memorial service for St. Laurent held in Marrakesh, is actually one in a long line of Frenchies named Moujik owned by St. Laurent. At the upcoming St. Laurent auction, attendees will have the chance to bid on a –

“sculpture set of Mr. Saint Laurent’s favorite pets, French bulldogs, estimated at €400-€600.”

Wall Street Journal On Line

Pricey, but for anyone who loves both the iconoclastic designer and French Bulldogs, a worth while buy. If you can’t quite commit to jetting to Paris to pick up a holiday present, perhaps some on line shopping is more your cup of tea.

Antique paper mache French Bulldog growler for sale

Antiques Atlas has this lovely antique papier mache French Bulldog growler available for sale, for the bargain price of $1484.09 – and before you deny that $1500 is a ‘bargain price’, let’s think about this for a moment. This thing is almost a hundred years old, it was created for children, and it’s made of freakin’ paper. It’s a wonder any of them survived this long. Plus, you can enjoy the freaked out cries of ‘what the hell is that thing?’ your non Frenchie friends will emit on seeing it. A definite buy for the more eclectic French Bulldog owner on your gift list.

If you’re shopping for someone who loves traditional jewelry, take a look at the Hunting Horn. Long known for having some of the best, breed specific jewelry in the world, Hunting Horn offers a plethora of French Bulldog specific pieces.

French Bulldog Jewelry

I think this brindle pied French Bulldog piece is particularly adorable, but I’m really more of a fan of sterling silver jewelry. Traditionally, the Frenchie pieces I’ve found in Sterling have been sort of… tacky. At the worst, they looked like badly formed kittens, rather than Frenchies. These new pieces from the Thomas Sabo sterling silver collection change all of that –

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver French Bulldog

Sabo’s unfortunately named ‘Disco Dog’ collection offers two separate pieces featuring French Bulldogs – the enameled French Bulldog miniature shown above, and a small, sterling medallion with a French Bulldog head study, shown below.

Thomas Sabo French Bulldog medallion

Unfortunately, your medallion also bears the rather embarrassing inscription “Groovy DJ Dog”. Oh well, nothing’s perfect. And a note to Sean, in case he’s reading this – the FIGURINE, and NOT the medallion. Just, y’know, in case he’s doing any shopping.