Itty Bitty Butters’ Babies Cuteness Factor Update

Smiley happy creamsicle French Bulldog puppy

Smiley happy puppy dreams

I went for a visit with the Butters’ babies yesterday. Needless to say, they are all adorable, but it’s amazing how different the color is on one of the puppies in particular – he’s a pale creamy orange. Not tan, not cream – orange.

His sister is going to be a fawn pied (white, basically, with teeny tiny fawn spots which will develop later on), his brother is a sort of dark cream with darker ears and a mask (a color some people call ‘American Fawn’), but the little guy is the color of a *creamsicle*. He’s a sort of pale, tangerine orange, with a big white blaze up his head, and a dark mask.

Best of all? He’s a smiley puppy, one of those puppies who looks like he’s *grinning* all of the time. Alvin was a smiley puppy, and we all know how cute he was. Creamsicle boy’s adorable factor is pretty much off the scale. Oh, and Paula has been calling him ‘Hammy’, which is short for Hammy Hamster, which is a dig on the fact that, next to his beefy big brother, he looks like a tiny little baby hamster. That’s ok, kid. With looks like yours, who needs size?

The rest of the photos are after the cut, or over on Flickr

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Itty Bitty Butters Babies

Butters loves her baby French Bulldog puppies

Butters loves her babies.

I have some footage of Butters’ entire c-section, shot in full on, gory detail, partly as an educational video, and partly as a scare tactic style ‘are you really, really sure you want to breed your dog?’ cautionary tale video.

Instead of sharing that right off the bat, I thought I’d start instead with my favorite thing of all – photos of teeny tiny baby puppies. I love them when they’re this age, because they have two modes – sleeping and passed out cold. Both make for nice, stationary photo objects, unlike Paula’s two week old Bullmastiff puppies, who are like eleven whirling, sucking dervishes. The film footage of those guys is awesome, and should be up by Friday.

In the meantime, if you get really, really close to screen, you should be able to scratch your monitor and get a whiff of puppy breath.

All the pix after the cut, or on Flickr.

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Bunny’s Pups at One Month

We took some head shots of the pups outside today, since the sun was actually out for once. Here are Bun’s pups, one day shy of one month old.

Brindle French Bulldog Puppy Hugo

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More old Frenchie photos…

Still digging through the literally hundreds of old Frenche photos I have stashed away in boxes, bins and books. I’m ashamed to admit that, as I start to get to the bottom of the pile, I’m running into photos of dogs that I have no idea who they are. Granted, they are puppy pictures, but still. Senility, she is le bitch…

Who are you, puppy?
Dunno what puppy this is.. but he’s a cutie!

Here’s someone I could never forget – this is Barb’s lovely Roseanne, aka Bullmarket A&As Stripe Ts. It was a hot day, so her mouth was hanging open, but you can still see what a beautiful girl she was. She was a gorgeous, unusual color – a sort of silvery brindle. Just gorgeous.

Barb's lovely Rosey - Bullmarket A&A's Stripe Ts
Bullmarket A&A Stripe Ts

Here’s another utterly unforgettable beauty – my beloved, and dearly missed, Chicky girl. She was bred by Jane Gil, and her full name was Fulla Bull’s Bullmarket Chicky. Not only was she my joy, but she was my daughter Nicole’s most beloved dog. Chicky was one of the great tragedies of my life – she was, believe it or not, able to climb chain link fence. Funny, isn’t it? Except that she climbed the chain link into our neighbour’s yard, and fell into his pool and drowned. I’ll always, always regret her loss.

Fulla Bull's Bullmarket Chicky
Fulla Bull Bullmarket Chicky

Chicky begat the lovely – and thankfull still her – Lolita, aka Bullmarket Chiquita Lolita. Lola  is celebrating her tenth birthday this weekend, party and all, with her owner Maggie Montgomery (yes, I got the email! Answer coming this afternoon after I get off work). Lola lives with Penelope’s sister, Sushi, in downtown Toronto.

Lola is mom to Felix and Diva, who I posted a photo of yesterday.

Bullmarket Chiquita Lolita, at about age three
Chiquita Lolita

More old photos coming soon, and some of my favorites over on the Frenchie Photo Blog.