Tasmanian Devils and Bad Breeders

I love feeding my dogs a raw diet. I truly and honestly believe that it is the best, most biologically appropriate diet for dogs, and that many digestive and skin issues can be cleared up with a raw diet.

What I don’t believe, however, is that raw is a magic bullet. This puts me into direct conflict with certain segments of the raw feeding population, who will tell you that raw fed dogs won’t ever get rabies, can’t contract parvo and don’t get cancer.

I take issue with all of this (mainly because it flies in the face of logic), but I actually get fairly pissed about the cancer claim.

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Are you artsy? Crafty? Use it to help French Bulldogs!

Are you an artist? A craftsperson? A photgrapher? Do you make beautiful things or design beautiful art?

If you answered yes, and you also love French Bulldogs, then the French Bulldog Village needs your help.

Breed rescue isn’t cheap, and breed rescue in Frenchies, with their esoteric health needs, byzantine genetic conditions and specialized Veterinary requirements is bankruptingly pricey. The French Bulldog Village might be the new kids on the block when it comes to helping French Bulldogs in need of rescue or adoption, but that hasn’t stopped them from tackling the tough cases – the expensive cases. But this can’t – and won’t – continue without some help.

And that’s where you come in.

If you’re an artist, or a graphic designer, can you donate a design – an original piece of artwork, in digital format? It will give the French Bulldog Village new designs to sell through Cafe Press, and in return you’ll get a full page spread on the Village (and on French Bulldog Z, and on this blog), not to mention the undying gratitude of legions of sad faced, needy little Frenchies.

Delilah is sad
Delilah is sad because you haven’t donated….

Are you a craftsperson? Can you donate a one of a kind item to the Village for them to auction off? Anything at all will do – it doesn’t even have to be French Bulldog specific, although if it is, that would be nice, too.

Do you do something else, make something else – anything that can help to raise funds for the Village? Will you donate a training session, or a Pet Psychic session, or a ride in your helium balloon, or… well, anything?

If the answer is yes, then email Rebecca, and tell her I sent you.

Look, don’t make me run a “If you don’t donate, we’ll shoot this Frenchie” type ad, because I will so do it, I swear.

(OK, at the very least I will shoot a photo of Tessa looking very, very disappointed and sad and all upset, at the thought of needy little sick Frenchies being told “so sorry, we can’t help”. You don’t want that now, do you?)

If you don’t make things, or have things, or want to get involved, could you at least donate a couple of bucks? Pretty please? Do it for all the sad eyed puppies… or bad karma will haunt you forever.