Frenchie Death Yodel, Updated

Buddy the French Bulldog has possibly the most ear piercing death yodel I have ever heard out of a French Bulldog.

As of this moment, he is the penultimate winner of the “Death Yodel Championship Trophy”. If you think your dog has what it takes to beat him, send me a link to a video of them in action.

French Bulldog Schutzhund Demo

French Bulldog Schutzhund Demo

Something to remember, the next time people giggle at how silly looking your Frenchies are –

That’s Wyatt Earp, aka Golden Hat Eney. He was also HIT at the 2009 French Bulldog National Specialty, in Boxborough, Maine. Wyatt is owned by Karen Carlin.

In Europe, one of Tessa’s grandsons has his Schutzhund I title, which I find not at all surprising. Years back, I was dating a Schutzhund enthusiast, and idly thinking of trying it with my American Bulldog, Jack. Jack was a total washout at Schutzhund – he didn’t have a protective bone is adorable body.

Tessa, on the other, almost launched herself through the windshield of the car the first time she saw the ‘suspicious stranger’. For fun (isn’t there always one, at any training facility?), someone suggested we see how she’d hit a sleeve. Hit it she did, with the velocity of a small freight train, and hung on with grim determination. All those sessions of playing “swing the Frenchie” with her rope toy paid off… I think she felt she’d finally found her perfect calling as a dog.

It might be fun to try Schutzhund with Dexter, once his show career is over. He has that perfect blend of drive and agility, plus he really like swinging from things.

Have a Very Frenchie Christmas…

Tessa, Pammy, Dexter, Rebel and Solo wish you a Merry Christmas, in a very French Bulldog specific way.

If you own a French Bulldog, you’ll instantly know why this is the most ACCURATE holiday greeting ever.

A Fish Called Boogie

Boogie is a K Kid at the French Bulldog Village. He’s a special needs French Bulldog who has regular hydrotherapy to help him regain the use of his legs.

Read more about Boogie here, or share his story via the FBV Sprout

Dexter’s Show Ring Career

As I’ve mentioned before, Dexter (Bullmarket Absolut Darkly Dexter) has gone off to Michigan to concentrate on his show ring career. He’s being shown by his co owner, Sue Simon of Epic French Bulldogs.

We’re so proud of how well Sue is doing with Dexter. Anyone who has met him knows that good behaviour is not the norm for this little bad boy. He’s bratty, bad and bold – not necessarily in that order – and up until now, shows have been of interest to him mainly because they give him a chance to try to pick fights with his nemesis(es)*, long haired dogs of any breed. Shaggy dog = squeaky toy for Dexter, and his only interest in squeaky toys is in getting the squeaker out of the middle as ruthlessly as possible.

Sue, however, has managed to tame my favorite wildebeest into a reasonable facsimile of a sophisticated show dog. He’s gaiting beautifully, standing patiently, and hanging out on the table without trying to launch himself into the neighbouring ring. Way to go, Sue! And way to go, Dexter – in his third show out, he took his second major, meaning he’s now free to single himself to a championship** (although we’d certainly like more majors, please).

**A note about that – In very simple terms, an American Kennel Club Championship requires a dog to take a total of fifteen points. At least six of these points must be ‘majors’ – any win which awards a dog three or more points is a major. These two majors must be won under differing judges. At least one or more of the remaining points must be won under judges other than the two who awarded majors.

Since Dexter has already been awarded two majors, from two different judges, he can now finish without getting any more majors. Majors are more difficult to achieve, because they require much higher entry numbers (in other words, you must defeat more dogs to win them).

* what the heck is the plural of ‘nemesis’, anyways?

Videos of Dexter showing at the Ingham County Kennel Club Winterland Classic, in Lansing. Michigan, after the cut.

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