Bunny Puppies Update

Don't hate me because I'm adorable

Don't hate me because I'm adorable

When it comes to newborn puppies, no news is generally good news. Bunny’s puppies fall into that category, at least so far. They’re growing like weeds, eating like little piglets and generally being adorable and snuggly and sweet.

This means I’ve had more rest than I usually get with a litter of puppies, and less stress, and that equals – more time to take photos! Photos are after the cut, at the end of the post.

Videos are another story – I have a new Camcorder, and it’s not playing nice with iMovie. I have to convert the digital clips to mpegs, and THEN import them to iMovie for editing. A pain in the ass, and a big old time suck, too. If I’d give in and upgrade to iMovie 10 (or whatever the newest version is), I wouldn’t face this issue. Instead, I’d face the issue of an editing interface that sucks serious amounts of suckage, and no ability to edit soundtracks. Win/loss!

So, here’s a crappily edited video made using the sucky editing software that came with the Camcorder. Still, you get to see OMG PUppIeS!!!!

Photos and videos after the cut. Read more

What’s with Frenchies and viral videos?

French Bulldog giving kitty a bath

Sign of the impending apocalypse

I  don’t know what’s been going on lately, but it seems like every other viral video on the web features a ridiculously cute French Bulldog doing something adorable. If it’s not a roly poly puppy, it’s a puppy attacking a door jamb. Today, it’s a French Bulldog giving a cat a bath.

Personally, I suspect a plot – one I’ve been suspicious of for an awfully long time. First, Frenchies creep into the American consciousness via a series of adorable movie roles. Then come the celebrity owners, and now, the grassroots viral video movement. It’s all part of a larger movement – the French Bulldog revolution is at hand.

Shortly, we will all wake up to a world where our French Bulldog overlords rule our every movement, demanding snacks, treats and snuggles as the whim strikes them, and forcing us to purchase over priced toys and accessories for their pleasure.

Oh, wait. That’s all happened already. Looks like we’re screwed.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of a Frenchie overlord cute wittle Fwenchie tasting its prey kissing a kitty.

Friday Zen – Learning to Crawl…

Babies and Frenchies – does it get any cuter than this, no matter what they’re doing together?

The difference between Pugs & Frenchies

A lot of people believe that Pugs and Frenchies are pretty much interchangeable. This is likely because of their physical similarities – smaller sized, smush faced, weird little tails (or sometimes no tail at all, for Frenchies). Ultimately, though, their differences are much greater, and can be summed up in the following videos.

The first is of a Frenchie who scratches records, DJ style.

This is Frenchies for you. Note the cool, laid back look on this Frenchie’s face? That’s because Frenchies are the hipster doofuses of the dog world.

If they had a choice in cities, they’d pick Williamsburg. Hats? Porkpie, all the way. They eat charcuterie, they listen to indie bands and shop at Army Navy stores. You can get a Frenchie to wear a costume if you wrestle him to the floor and can get his head through the neckhole, but he’s going to be shooting you pissed off looks for the rest of the night.

The second video is of a Pug who sings the Batman theme song.

There you go, that’s Pugs for you.

Pug city of choice? Cleveland, in their parents basements. Hats? Propeller beanies (or genuine licensed WoW tractor caps). They eat cheetos out of the bag, they listen to pop music and the theme songs from Cartoons, and they wear corduroy pants and t shirts from Big K. A pug will go with you while you shop for a new tiara and feather boa for him, and he’ll try it on while you take polaroids.

Pugs and Frenchies. They might look alike, but they’re really not at all similar. This is why they usually end up making such good friends for each other.