Yum- Breaded Frenchies

Search terms found in my webstats —

French Bull dog breaders

breading a french bulldog

You don’t think they were looking for recipes, do you?

This one is even scarier —

dog breathes heavy foams at mouth breathing heavy vomiting

OK, people?

If your dog is breathing heavy, foaming at the mouth and vomiting, searching on Google is not where you should be. Get your ass in the car, and get your dog to the emergency vet, stat.

I don’t need blog readers that badly, honestly.

ps: like the new header? It’s Solo, exercising his evil super powers. I was going to give him sparkly red goat eyes, but decided to err on the side of decorum. Instead, I’m just going to rotate a selection of sayings out of his wittle mouf, none of which will be in LOL-speak… Evil super heroes don’t use LOL-speak.