FBV’s “We’ll Stop at Nothing!” Fundraiser

Those shameless little monkeys over at the French Bulldog Village are rolling out their big guns for this season’s fund raising efforts.

Here’s their newest fund raiser –

Submitted by Charlotte Creeley, FBVillage Co-Founder

Kimberly's Beautiful Blue French Bulldog Clock

Kimberly's Beautiful Blue French Bulldog Clock

Some of you out there, who happen to be French Bulldog Village volunteers or who visited the FBVillage booth at the 2009 French Bulldog Club of America National Specialty in Massachusetts, are the lucky owners of French Bulldog clocks lovingly hand painted and glazed by our very own FBVillage board member Kimberly Rice in the wee hours of the night when she finally got home from work every night. A real labor of love and some very beautiful clocks.

These clocks were so popular among our volunteers that we had a dreadful time keeping any back in order to have some to sell at the Specialty show!

What you don’t know about is Clock #1. Clock #1 was also lovingly hand painted and glazed by Kimberly Rice. Before she knew what she was doing. She has told me repeatedly that Clock #1 is so incredibly hideous that she will not/cannot show it to ANYONE. Kim Jacoby has seen it and could probably attest to its ugliness, but she has already blanked out the memory from her mind… I asked her, “How ugly exactly is this clock, Kim?” and her response was, “What clock??”

So, I really, really want to see this clock, but several months of browbeating and begging and whining have not produced a picture of Clock #1. Kimberly says it is just too ugly. No pictures. Go away.

Well, I finally convinced her to turn it into a fundraiser. Sort of a hideous silent auction. Here is how it works. We are asking for donations in any amount to PayPal – the donate button is right on the front page of the French Bulldog Village website – AND when we reach $300.00 in donations, the auction will close, and Kimberly will produce a picture of Clock #1, AND she will ship it at no additional cost to the highest donor. Unless of course, the person, upon seeing Clock #1, says, um, er, oh my, no thanks! Alternately, we can mail it to your dearest friend in your name… Or, we can mail it to the next highest lucky donor on our list. And so on, until someone agrees to take Clock #1 and give it a home. Poor Clock #1, her own mommy doesn’t love her.

Kimberly is being very brave about this. And I HAVE to see this clock. Please donate!

Charlotte Creeley, Esq.

Please support the FBVillage
The K-Kids need your help

Here’s a PayPal button link, to allow you to bid (HIGH and OFTEN) on the mystery clock.

Remember, every single dollar benefits the K Kids and the other French Bulldogs and French Bulldog mixes that the French Bulldog Village assists. FBV is the last resort for the French Bulldogs that other rescues turn down – please don’t make FBV have to start turning down Frenchies for lack of funds.

A gallery of the beautiful clocks Kimberly has designed – remember, no one gets to see Clock #1 until the auction is OVER! We’ll be unveiling it right here, as soon as FBV unleashes it on the world.

French Bulldog Books as Fundraisers

Sample French Bulldog Book

I believe I already mentioned that French Bulldog Village is in a bit of a cash crisis. I’ve been brainstorming fund raising ideas for them, and thought it might be fun to do a photo book. After all, what’s more photogenic than a French Bulldog?

Two things that I’m curious about – are people more likely to buy a book if it has a photo of their dog in it? If so, do you charge them for putting their photo in? I think you do, if it’s a book devoted to kennels or show winners, but not if it’s photos of pets. What do you think?


Assuming you’d personally buy a copy of a book if it was designed to raise money for rescue, which book would you be most likely to buy? There’s a poll below – please leave me your feedback.

Which fund raising book would you buy?
Which book would you be most likely to order:
Frenchie Faces – close up face shots
Frenchies in their Golden Years – Senior Dogs & Memorials
Frenchie Babies! Just puppies, under 6 months
Top Winning Frenchies – Photos of conformation, obedience & Agility winners
Frenchies of All Kinds – All kinds of Frenchies, any kind of photo

Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary Needs Help you can afford a little post Christmas giving, please consider making a donation to Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary. Cedarhill provides refuge for exotic and domestic cats, and is a non profit, 501(c) charity.

On December 27th, Cedarhill suffered a devastating fire.  They lost the entire building that houses their laundry and medical facilities, but they also lost the housing for their senior domestic cats, and every single one of the seniors that were housed there. I can’t even imagine the emotional pain this must have caused them.

From the Cedarhill website:

On Thursday morning, December 27, at approximately 6:30 am, the Senior Cat House at Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary, Inc. burst into flames.  The house went up in flames so fast that the cats didn’t have a chance to get out….two managed to escape, but 45 of my beautiful senior babies perished in the fire.  My grief is beyond words as I sit here at my desk and look out at the burned ruins smoldering in the rain.

The double-wide for the seniors was more than just their home.  It housed the laundry facility, all of the bedding for the entire sanctuary as well as over $3,000 in desperately needed medication and medical supplies and much more.  Cedarhill is in a state of emergency and urgently needs financial donations to help replace the lost supplies and equipment.  More importantly, funding is needed to clean-up and rebuild a new home for senior cats awaiting a second chance.

In loving memory of:  Alley Cat, Barnee, Breanna, Celeste, Christmas, Crystal, Cuddles, Danielle, Diana, Dino, Dizzy, Ella, Elvira, Frazier, Freckles, Gizmo, Grizabella, Heavenly, Isis, Jasmine, Jennie, Libby, Maggie, Mallroy, Man Man, Marilla, Michief, Midnight, Oliver, Patches, Paw Paw, Pretty Boy, Princess, Puck, Sabrina, Samantha, Sammy, Sierra, Snow Ball, Susie, Tabatha, Tank, Tickles, Tweety Pie and Zena.

Here’s a newspaper article on the fire, and the clean up and recovery efforts –

Officials assessing cause of fire that destroyed 48 cats

By Garthia Elena Burnett Volunteers at the Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary are reaching out to the community for help after a Thursday morning fire destroyed the trailer previously serving as the home for their senior domestic cats.

The fire started at about 6:30 Thursday morning. It took nearly six hours to completely put out the blaze. By then, the entire building was ravaged, and only two of the 50 cats, ages 11 and up, escaped. The bodies of the other 48 later were recovered by firefighters.Despite taking time to mourn, Craig and others manning the haven for rescued animals must press on.

“We still have 250 more animals out here that we need to take care of,” she said. “And once we get this place rebuilt, we’ll have 50 more cats to take care of.”

Workers hope to re-open a new home for cats, but they need donations.

The non-profit organization is funded completely by donations.

“We have about 1,800 donors that have supported us for a number of years from all over the country,” said Craig.

Among the sanctuary’s needs is a new doublewide trailer.

“There’s absolutely nothing left,” Craig said of the cats’ former home.

Cedarhill also needs volunteers to help in cleanup efforts and money to rebuild.

Cedarhill was the first sanctuary to be accredited by the Association of Sanctuaries and currently houses more than 300 animals, including 12 tigers, five lions, four cougars, two bobcats, one wolf, about 200 domestic cats, 30 dogs and six horses.

The sanctuary was founded in 1990 to serve as caretaker for abandoned, abused, homeless and neglected exotic and domestic felines.

If you can help Cedarhill, donations can be mailed to:

Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary
144 Sanctuary Loop
Caledonia, MS 39740

Call Stephanie Cash at (662) 549-3261 for more information or to volunteer.

Learn more about Cedarhill at or learn more about the tragedy at