Tula Has a Heart of Gold

Tula went into full labor last night — about four days early. We took the pups this morning — two of them, one brindle girl, one pied girl. The rest was fluid – a LOT of fluid. My 19 lb girl weighed 26.3 at the vet’s office this morning, and opening her up was like Niagara Falls. I kept asking the vet “Where’s the rest of the puppies? Are you SURE you checked both horns?”.

The bad news — one of the pups did not make it. We never got a heart beat, in spite of her being full sized. The one who didn’t make it wasn’t even in a horn — she was in the body of the uterus. The other pup, the double hooded pied girl, is lovely and thankfully doing well.  She has a tiny, perfectly formed, symmetrical heart shaped brindle marking right above her butt. It looks like a stick on tattoo.

So, she is now Bullmarket Absolut Heart of Gold. No call name, until she’s been here a week or so and is doing fine…

As of right now, she’s vigorous, screamy, and eating like a little piglet — just what I want to see in a puppy. So far, so good.

Sean buried her sister under our cedars this afternoon, with the puppy we lost one year ago this week.

Here’s a short video of the baby, taken just a few hours after she was born. Lots of snorking, snuffling noises in this one (hey, they don’t do much at this age).