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Tula Has a Heart of Gold

Tula went into full labor last night — about four days early. We took the pups this morning — two of them, one brindle girl, one pied girl. The rest was fluid – a LOT of fluid. My 19 lb girl weighed 26.3 at the vet’s office this morning, and opening her up was like Niagara Falls. I kept asking the vet “Where’s the rest of the puppies? Are you SURE you checked both horns?”.

The bad news — one of the pups did not make it. We never got a heart beat, in spite of her being full sized. The one who didn’t make it wasn’t even in a horn — she was in the body of the uterus. The other pup, the double hooded pied girl, is lovely and thankfully doing well.  She has a tiny, perfectly formed, symmetrical heart shaped brindle marking right above her butt. It looks like a stick on tattoo.

So, she is now Bullmarket Absolut Heart of Gold. No call name, until she’s been here a week or so and is doing fine…

As of right now, she’s vigorous, screamy, and eating like a little piglet — just what I want to see in a puppy. So far, so good.

Sean buried her sister under our cedars this afternoon, with the puppy we lost one year ago this week.

Here’s a short video of the baby, taken just a few hours after she was born. Lots of snorking, snuffling noises in this one (hey, they don’t do much at this age).

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  1. nestra
    nestra says:

    Thanks for the footage – love the heart! Hope Tula and little one are well.

    Sorry about your other little girl.

  2. Vivianne
    Vivianne says:

    What a pranker Tula is! She did look huge from the pictures.
    I’m sorry about the brindle girl…
    But congrats to you, your girl and your baby girl now. She looks chubby and full of life!

  3. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Oh Bless her little heart ! Continued good wishes for the health and happiness of mom and baby, and healing thoughts for the loss of her sister.

  4. RHz
    RHz says:

    Congratulations to you & Tula. Glad she and the pup are doing well. So sorry to hear your other gal didn’t make it.

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