Support Hershey’s Law – Help End BSL in Ontario

Vicki Hearne once wrote that the Pit Bull “wars” were really about class warfare. I believe that to be more true today than it ever was.

Look at Peta, and their idiotic statements about the ‘types’ of people who want to adopt or own Pit Bulls. Look at the politicians who can’t seem to mention “Pit Bulls” without also saying “inner city” in the same sentence. Look at the people who animal control target, when it comes to randomly seizing dogs – the poor, the elderly, the disenfranchised. No one is driving up to Forest Hill and randomly snatching dogs out of yards because they ‘look like one of THOSE dogs’.

Politicians have gotten away with this for so long, because they really and truly believe that ‘those dogs’ are only owned by ‘those people’ – ie; poor people who are usually ethnic and who don’t vote.

If you want to teach them otherwise, please write to your MPP and tell them you support Bill 16, and come out to the Rally at Queens Park on February 23rd. I’ll be there with a handful of my ‘maybe sorta Pit Bulls’. Will you come, too?

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Support Hershey’s Bill

Support Hershey’s Bill To Repeal Breed Specific Legislation

Support Hershey's Bill

Show your support and let Queen’s Park know that your Ontario includes ALL dogs!

This is the 5 year BANniversary of Ontario’s “pit bull” ban.  Since then thousands of innocent dogs have lost their lives. Please come out and show your support. It’s time that we stand up and fight this injustice and demand that responsible dog ownership legislation is put in place for all breeds.

If you think this ban only targets “pit bulls”, think again. Many breeds from Boxers to Rottweiler mixes and anything in between, mostly mixed mutts, have been targeted.

* NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo
* Live Bands
* Vendors
* Canine Good Neighbour Testing
* Agility Course
* Education Workshops
* Special Guests and more!
* Pittie and Pals walk to PawsWay at 5:30pm

This is an all day event. Bring a chair and a blanket. Vendors will be close by but if fast food isn’t your taste, be sure to pack a lunch!
Please join us for a Candlelight Vigil at 7:30pm at Queen’s Park
(link to event here)

Map of Coronation Park:

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For more information on the “pit bull” ban please visit our website . There you will find posters and pamphlets to print off and share!

You can also send a letter to every MPP in Ontario by visiting this link:

See you on the 29th!

**all breeds welcome and all dogs must be in compliance with current legislation**

LeeAnn O’Reilly, Pres.DLCC
“Fighting ignorance since’s taking longer than we thought.”