Peta STILL Kills Animals, and Tessa Goes to Dagestan

(A note: I am completely bogged down with work at the moment (and happily so, since nothing makes me more gleeful than new websites to muck around with!), so I am going to be blogging lightly and answering email tardily for the next week or so)

Looks like 2008 was another great year for animal murdering over at Peta HQ! Peta, who managed to adopt out 17 animals in 2007, have pushed that number down to just 7 in 2008.  Way to go, Peta! That’s an extra ten animals ‘saved’ from a life of servitude as a human companion!

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Blogrolling Blows

After six+ months of downtime, rumors of major leaugue hacks and problems, and a ‘we’re working on it! Back any moment now! Really!’ page that kept pushing ahead the roll out date, Blogrolling is finally back — and I just removed it from my template.

Here’s a hint – if your service spends months down, pissing off your subscribers and making it impossible for any of us to edit our links, perhaps you shouldn’t re launch immediately with a new format that forces my visitors to read stupid paid ads on every link – paid ads that *I* have to pay to have removed.

Pay you? How about I just go back to using the old skool WordPress blogroll list, instead?

Morons. Major marketing fail.

Caption Contest & Britney Spears Comes thisclose to getting a French Bulldog

Britney Spears puppy shopping in a pet storeYou’d think with all the ‘oooh, breeders are *bad*’ crap that peta spews, that they’d set up some kind of re-education camp to get celebrities to stop buying their puppies from pet shops. I swear, there are a few pet stores out there that make all of their income off of Paris Hilton alone.

At any rate, the train wreck formerly known as Britney Spears snagged herself a new best friend at a pet store in Beverly Hills. And look how close this poor Frenchie came to being her new victim!

Snagged from Dlisted –

That’s all we need – ten gazillion paparazzi photos of Britney driving with a Frenchie on her lap. Oy.

Caption Contest

OK kidz, this is it – it’s our first annual, super speshul caption contest.

Teh winner of this contest will receive a lovely and utterly fab-u-lous prize, which I am not at liberty to reveal (in large part because I haven’t decided what the hell it is yet). Rest assured, however, that it will be chock full of super yummy Frenchie goodness. Either that, or it will be a CD of all the crappy iTunes songs I just rescued from my old computer (Supertramp? Really?).

So, here’s the rules –

Take this interesting photo of Monsieur Nigel, and add your own caption, a la ‘I Can Haz Cheezburger‘. In fact, I Can Haz Cheezburger now even has a nifty little ‘caption maker’ feature that you can use to do the captioning for you. Check it out –

The more twisted amongst you can make your captions along the lines of the ones over at lolsecretz –

Here’s the picture – click on it to view and save the full sized version. Contest deadline is December 21st. Email your captioned photo back to me at frenchbulldogz AT

Nigel Up Close (too close)

Good luck, and I’d like to point out that cheating is not only encouraged, it’s rewarded.