Kairos French Bulldogs – Scam Artists, Thieves and Liars

An update: Thank you to everyone for your support, your emails and your phone calls. As of now, both the website and the Facebook page of this person are down, which is pretty much the best we could hope for – and faster than I’d expected, too. She’s crying about how it was ‘all a mistake’, but we all know that’s just code for “it sucks that I got caught”.

Lesson learned – do not underestimate the power of social media. It can definitely be used for good.

Again, thanks for everyone’s support. Now I can tell Sean he doesn’t have to drive to Peterborough with a baseball bat after all, and we can spend the lawyer’s fees on a nice celebratory dinner.

In 21 years of breeding French Bulldogs, I do not think I have ever been as angry as I am at this moment.

I have had photos stolen off of my website before, but NEVER to the blatant extent that these conniving, conning scam artists have done.

Visit this page:–puppies.html

Better yet, don’t give them the traffic, and just have a look at this screen cap –

Kairo French Bulldogs are scammers, thieves and liars

Stolen photos on the Kairo French Bulldog website

Anything look familiar? It should, because EVERY SINGLE photo except for the one photo circled in red is of my dogs (and even more infuriatingly, four of them are now deceased).

That’s my couch. My basement. My yard. My whelping room. My dogs.

Many of you knew my beautiful Tessa, who passed away last year at fifteen. That’s her, in the second photo, sitting with my beautiful Ellie, whose ashes we scattered at Cherry Beach.

The cream in the next photo? My lovely Mae, who I held last week as I watched the vet relieve her suffering.

The little puppy with the stick? That’s Maggie M’s Sushi.

On the couch? Sushi’s sister, Penelope, along side Ellie and Sailor.

The dog with the monkey in its mouth? That’s Sailor, with Mr. Monkey, her ‘honorary third puppy’.

The two little puppies that these MONSTERS say are out of Sushi? One of them was my baby boy, who passed away at fifteen days old as I held him in my hand.

Actions really do speak louder than words, and this is no ‘accidental borrowing’ of a few photos – the claim that most thieves make when caught in the act. These scammers INTENTIONALLY stole my photos, re named the dogs in them, and claimed them as their own.

If their ethics are so lacking in this respect, what does that say about the rest of their behavior?

I will be posted this EVERYPLACE, and I’ve already contacted both their web host, and my lawyer. If you’re in the Toronto area, these con men have a ‘partner’ on the French Bulldog board who has been pimping their puppies for them, and they’re apparently also all over Kijiji.