Butters’ Babies & the Big Boy

Three French Bulldog puppies

L to R - Lyra, Bon, Hammy

It’s funny how much more I notice the differences in the development in Butters’ litter, who I see once a week or so, compared to a litter that’s always underfoot.

With my own litters, I sometimes need to see and compare the photos that I take to really get a true feeling for how much they change over time. With Butters’ kids, the differences can sometimes be so striking as to leave me almost taken aback.

Last week, for example, the Big Boy (who Paula is calling Bonhomme) seemed to have lost his big, plush head. This week, it’s back, and with a vengeance. I now realize that he is going to be a slow maturing boy, growing into his headpiece over time, and likely looking his best at around two years or even older.

This doesn’t surprise me, when I think about it – his half sister Delilah did the exact same thing, losing her plush puppy head at about the same age, then slowly getting it back over time, until today, at three, her head is her best feature once again. I actually prefer these slower to mature head types – it means that they won’t end up with the huge, overdone ropes of wrinkles that we sometimes see in Frenchies, and which I find sort of coarse looking.

His sister is another type altogether – like her mother, she is what she is, meaning she likely won’t change in any significant ways between now and six months, other than to become more of what she is today. Leah is the same – Leah at a year is a just a bigger, more mature looking version of Leah at six weeks and six months. No curve balls or surprises in her development, which is always nice, but which usually comes in my girls, more so than in my boys.

Hammy, on the other hand, remains his adorable, grinning self – lighter in bone than his brother, and definitely not as ‘correct’, structurally, but still with a sort of unidentifiable ‘adorable’ factor that some puppies just have. Alvin had it, too. I can’t even put my finger on it, but it’s a combination of sweetness of expression and a permanently formed grin on their little faces that leaves them looking like the happiest puppies who’ve ever lived.

I can’t wait to see what I think of them next week, when they turn seven weeks old.

Photos after the cut, along with an awfully cute video.

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Butters’ Babies Weekend Update

Butters' French Bulldog puppies

Hammy, Lyra and their slothful Brother, Big Boy

I went for a visit with the Butters’ babies, and discovered Lyra (aka Princess Screamy Pants) and her brother Hammy hanging half way out of their wading pool, ready to make a break for freedom. Their brother, who I’m politely referring to as “Big Boy”, instead of as the more accurate “Fatty Pants”, was content to lie on his back, all four feet in the air, contemplating life and waiting for someone to feed him. He is also the puppy you might remember from last week’s video, where he was happily hanging upside down in Sarah’s arms. Slothful, yes – but also handsome!

Lyra is also growing into quite the beauty, with her one fawn hood giving her the look of a rakish pirate eye patch. She’s still got quite the mouth on her, as you’ll notice in the photos. A momentary deviation of attention away from her and onto either of her brothers brought on a screaming fit that reminds you that Frenchies aren’t known for their lyrical voices. It’s a good thing she’s pretty, because a career in musical theatre is not in the cards for her.

Mr Hamster dance continues to become the cute cartoon character he seems to be predestined to end up as. He’s still the color of a creamsicle, and he stills grins his big mouth grin almost all of the time. He’s going through a bit of the fuglies at the moment, but handsome is as handsome does, and in time he will likely grow back into a good looking boy. At the moment, he’s more of a paper bag style prince, so it’s a good thing he’s so amazingly lovable!

Photos after the cut, or on Flickr.

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