What I’ve Learned from French Bulldog Rescue

Today’s photos from CFBR’s staging area

Some days, I can get cranky about the state of our fancy, and of the politics and bullshit that go on in French Bulldogs (or any other breed, really).

One more day of seeing all of those ads with Frenchie cross puppies for sale. One more email from someone bitching at me because their (free) listing on the French Bulldog Links site hasn’t shown up yet, and how dare I make them wait so long? One more email from someone whining that  I tossed them off of Frenchie Friends for spamming their puppies. One more phone call from someone complaining about our upcoming show – but not offering to help, of course – they’re BUSY, and don’t have time for trivial things like that.

Then, something like this week’s Chicago French Bulldog Rescue comes along, and all of sudden ALL of these people just jump in and offer the most amazing things.

Money, which is always needed and always awesome, but other things, too – things that take people’s time and efforts and selflessness.

Need someone to drive a dog across country? Sure, what’s a nine hour drive each way?

Pregnant girl needs a foster home? Not one, not two, not three, not four, but countless people offering to help.

C sections for pregnant bitches? TWO vets so far who have offered their services gratis.

More dogs than you had thought? Here, let me pay for ALL of them, and their vet care, too.

When Ema was sick, we even had two people offer to fly her in their private planes for her surgery.

On the days when you think “This just isn’t worth it”, miracles will happen that restore your faith in humanity, and that make you realize what a truly AWESOME community of breed lovers we really are.

If you’re part of that, then thank you.

And…. if you’re one of the bitchy whiners who never actually do anything, but sure do love to complain?

Screw you.

There are more of us than there are of you, and we will ALWAYS win, so take your negativity and go sulk someplace else.