Judge Declares Paws R Us is Puppy Mill – Dogs can be placed

Nicole Labombard,  owner of Paws R Us Kennel, proclaiming her ‘shock’ after the raid

A judge in the Paws R Us case (the largest Canadian puppy mill seizure in our country’s history) has declared Paws R Us to “be a puppy mill”.

This is big news on more than one front. Most importantly, it means that the seized dogs, who now total more than 600, can finally be placed.

Secondly, it provides vindication to Ontario resident Lorie Gordon, who was ruled to have slandered Paws R Us when she referred to them as a “puppy mill” on an on line message board in 2008. Ms. Gordon had purchased an apparently unhealthy puppy from Paws R Us, and was speaking out against them in hopes of dissuading other potential customers from purchasing puppies from them.

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