Indian Summer French Bulldog Puppies

Indian Summer French Bulldog Video after the Cut

Indian Summer French Bulldog Video after the Cut

On the weekend, Phyllis, Lukey and Peanut Butter all left for their new homes. Phyllis flew home with Amanda, and seemed quite content to be tucked into her travel bag. Lukey and Peanut Butter were picked up by David and Theresa, mom and dad to the suave Mr. Maurice (formerly know as the Cow Puppy) and to the late and much missed Mr. Bumby. Sailor, Bumby’s sister, had Theresa picked out as a soft touch from the moment she arrived, and did her best to monopolize all of Theresa’s time (and petting energy).

Lukey is catching a ride with David and Theresa to Chicago, where he’ll be spending some time with his Auntie Hope (and an undoubtedly unimpressed Dax). After that, Hope will take Luke on the final leg of what I’ve been calling “The Frenchie Puppy Underground Railroad”, on to Andrea, who managed to bung up her rotator cuff and arm while doing something athletic. This would have made it near impossible for Andrea to make the long drive from Illinois all on her own, so alternate – and creative! – methods of transportation were required. Way to pull together, everybody. It always amazes me the outpouring of love and support I’ve found within the French Bulldog community when it’s called upon. Even within show circles, while we might all bitch about each other from time to time (shut up, you know it’s true), when push comes to shove, we’ve got each others backs.

Go Team Frenchie!

It sure looks empty outside with just Pammy, Dwight, Pickle and Leah left. I plan to spend this week taking as many photos as possible.

In the meantime, here’s a video I shot on Friday, showcasing all of the kooks in their nutjob glory. Well, other than Peanut Butter, who sat there, looking stoic and handsome and very sedate. Sigh… did I mention that neither he nor Luke even spared me a backwards glance as I helped load them into the car?

Frenchies sure are ungrateful little monkeys sometimes!

Video after the cut.

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